Syria – Retribution?

Just 12 of the Syrian children killed in the latest chemical attack Over the past two years we all have seen TV interviews, heard radio interviews. and read in the newspapers reports of interviews withPresident Bashar al-Assad</The one thing missing is that NOBODY has asked him the pertinent question “By what right are you President […]

High Speed Rail (HS2) – Another Sick Joke By a Sick ‘Out Of Touch’ Government

Modern Express Train>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>High Speed Train England is a tiny Country really. It is only about 400 miles top to bottom. The whole UK is only about 650 miles top to bottom. Current transport, car, rail, plane, can cover this kind of distance easily and quickly. But our government think we should build a High Speed […]

Crisis in Egypt –Who’s Fault?

The World has witnesses for some days a dreadful situation in Egypt, with hundreds of people being killed or wounded in military attacks in the capital Cairo (population about eleven million). The media are adamant that a massacre is taking place – but what is the truth? Certainly the Army have the upper hand; they […]

National Health Service (NHS)- How’s It Going?

“The Health Service is safe in our hands”     [Margaret Thatcher Conservative Party Conference 1983] [David Cameron Conservative Party Conference 2006] “No top down reorganisation”                                    [Conservative Manifesto 2010 “We will maintain funding – we will increase health spending every year” (Conservative Manifesto 2010] “We will ensure waiting times are kept low”[David Cameron House of                                                                                     Commons […]