Women – what are they like eh!

Women are of course built physically differently to men. They are basically designed to have babies. Without heterosexual women the human race would die out! They are though physiologically differently to men as well.  Women get into a relationship with a man, or get married, for companionship and to have children – and generally to be supported (but they are very skilled at home building!).

Women have three sexual attributes – they have their face, their bust, and sex. Their face is used to attract a man (that is why they spend a fortune on hair does and make up. Their bust (whether big or small) is used to entice men. sex is used to ensnare their man.

Men are obsessed with owning a particular female – get married and claim sole rights to have sex with their woman. Ridiculous really as no man can differentiate between one female and another when having sex.

Women are not generally interested in having sex – though they have the right pleasure facilities. Women have sex because that is the only way to get pregnant and have babies – it is a basic instinct, it’s in their genes. Women are good at looking after their offspring (nature kicks in and the woman has strong hormones released that make them care for their babies – most of them anyway). Men are different and are sexual creatures, who would have sex morning noon and night if they could. It is in their blood! They would also have sex with other women if the opportunity arose or they could get away with it – but women closely watch what their man gets up to! In reality the true worthwile value of sex is between two loving & caring people – otherwise it is just animal instinct isnt it?

A woman likes being pregnant – nine months without having to have sex. After some babies she is satisfied and no longer wants more babies or sex. But she has to have it as that was part of the deal – a contract. The only respite is when she has her period for a few days each month.

The concept of any man being able to carry around a baby in their tummy for 9 months and they going through the pain and trauma of giving birth to a 6 or 8lb baby is inconceivable – even our elite SAS solders couldn’t do it or wouldn’t face it – yet some women do it more than once (they can’t all be silly people!).

It is true that some women go off the rails – they get flattered by the attention of another male and might be a bit bored. So she has sex behind her husband’s or partner’s back (she has to have sex to keep the other bloke in tow). Sometimes their men find out and there is hell to pay – their ownership of that woman has been breached.

Some women like to pretend they are a bit like men for some obscure reason. So they go into career jobs – or drive farm tractors or do front line duty in the army or flying fast fighter jets (good luck to them all).

[This is not intended as a sexist post – women are truly wonderful, cleverer than men, are best at multi-tasking, and no man can or should do without one!].

This post was deleted for a while as it was meant to be light hearted and a bit of fun – but a few people didnt appreciate that & I had one comment to say it was rude and inappropriate. A lot of people liked it though (including women!) so it has been modified slightly & re-instated for now. If that is a misjudgement on my part – sorry to all.

The Dadman007 posts are intended to be interesting and informative – controversial if necessary but never offensive to anybody. Will try hard to maintain that

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