‘PayDay Lending’ (so called) – Wonga in the frame

Once again the British coalition government are reportedly threatening to do something about Wonga and the other rip-off loan sharks, who prey on the poor and vulnerable. Vince Cable has pronounced! These are always empty threats – strong words and no action! Oh yes the regulators plan to ban their advertising – when? Later of […]


Treatment of criminals in Britain is a joke – but it is not funny. We have more people in prison than any other country. Why is that? It is because we have more criminals! Why is that? Because they can get away with it. Because they don’t get punished properly when they offend – so […]

Baby Born – Wow!

A baby boy has been born into a family on public benefits (despite the fact that the father has a well paid job)  – a child destined for a life of riches and untold privileges, all paid for by YOU (if you actually pay your taxes!). Said to be worth hundreds of millions! An amazing […]

Dogs are not human but …………………!

It is said that “dogs are man’s best friend”! Dogs have a special place and role with humans. They are an animal that has over centuries become successfully domesticated – from wild dogs or wolves. They used in past times to have a purely working role – hunting, retrieving, protecting livestock, and guarding, helping fishermen […]

There are Drinkers – there are Drunks – then there are Alcoholics!

Many people in this Country drink alcohol. Some drink very occasionally, some drink regularly, some drink too much at times. We have developed a society where drinking is an accepted culture unfortunately – but people lie about their alcohol intake and only admit to about half of the true figure! It used to be that […]

MPs’ Pay – What? A Massive Increase?

WHERE are the rest of the 650 MPs? A big BIG row is brewing over MPs’ pay. The ‘so called independent body’ Ipsa (who appointed/selected them? You can bet that MPs have got a finger in the pie somewhere!) are suggesting a rise from £66K (plus massive expenses!) to £74K (plus a few less but […]

Destruction of the Unions – Who Did It?

The power of the Unions is not what it was 50 years ago. How did that happen? Well, a number of factors played a part. Mostly because the Unions screwed-up. Also though because Conservative governments targeted them and rightly or wrongly introduced legislation to curb their power. The Unite Union is currently in the national […]

Overseas Aid – A government out of Touch?

When this Tory led government got into power 3 years ago, rightly or wrongly it embarked on a strategy of austerity and massive cuts in expenditure. This unfortunately has driven national growth into the ground and the standard of living massively down – particularly affecting the poorest people in our society. However David Cameron the […]

Foremost problem – Organ Transplant “Presumed Consent”?

In the UK we have a major problem with organ transplant. There are just not enough human organs available to the surgeons for transplants. Why is this? Because people who die and have ‘reusable’ organs aren’t able to donate them to a living person in need (some 3,000). The biggest breakthrough in organ transplanting was […]