The disgrace of Hospital Car Parking Charges

There are 3 groups of people who need to park at a Hospital. Most importantly there is the Patients – the sick people needing treatment. Then there is the Relatives of the often elderly patients, or children,who provide essential support when a loved one is admitted. And then there is the Hospital Staff. Only the staff park free. How right is that?

In England Hospitals are making a fortune out of vulnerable people & caring people (more than £100million every year). Many actually increase their charges, as time goes on – some even doubling them! (in the rest of the UK it is free, so why is the shameful behaviour allowed in England?)

The NHS is supposed to provide free treatment. If someone is sick enough to have to go to Hospital, then it is no longer free! You have to pay through the nose to park. The majority of patients have to pay top whack. WHY? Because the government can then avoid providing adequate funding for patient care.

Clearly Hospitals need to prevent inappropriate people parking – like say in city centre or shopping locations. People who need to be there in a Hospital should not be paying. Some people have to attend Hospital on a regular basis (for example cancer patients)  – and end up paying £3 or £5 a time or more. This is a total disgrace. It is unfair. It causes a massive financial burden on the very ill, as well as stress and worry.

The government has done nothing effective to put a stop to this outrage. Will they bother? Don’t bank on it. The Ministers are too concerned about their promotions to stick their neck out, the MPs are too busy fiddling their own expenses & the Lords too concentrated on claiming their massive attendance allowances.

Labour said they would scrap parking charges, but this plan was halted by the current Conservative LibDem government. A sick decision by some sick individuals about the sick! Well done our un-trusted Parliament.

Tell your MP you don’t agree with this policy. Put some pressure on them. Give them a hard time about something important to all us average people in the community

2 thoughts on “The disgrace of Hospital Car Parking Charges

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