New Governor of the Bank of England!

Mervin King<Mark Carney Mervin King a Cambridge trained economist, has been in charge of the Bank of England for 10 years (after a distinguished spell as it’s Deputy and before their Chief Economist over a period of 12 years). He leaves today unfortunately to become a Lord. Of course personally in his job he rightly […]

Driving with a foreign registration number – illegally

There is a serious problem with the owners of foreign registered vehicles, who flout the UK law by not registering and taxing their vehicles here. If you live in the UK, if you work in the UK, you must immediately have a UK registration on your vehicle; the only exceptions are if you: work in […]

Provision of free Plastic Carrier Bags by Supermarkets – UNACCEPTABLE!

It has become a long standing practice in England for shops, particularly supermarkets, to give away free light plastic bags for their customers to take home their shopping. In the old days people had their own sturdy shopping bag, but nowadays people don’t bother – easier to pick-up a bag (or many bags!) and use […]

The disgrace of Hospital Car Parking Charges

There are 3 groups of people who need to park at a Hospital. Most importantly there is the Patients – the sick people needing treatment. Then there is the Relatives of the often elderly patients, or children,who provide essential support when a loved one is admitted. And then there is the Hospital Staff. Only the […]

Potholes Potholes Potholes!

src=”; /> All drivers will have felt the feeling of despair and panic when driving along the road and hearing the crunch and bang of a wheel hitting an unseen pothole. The feeling of sickness comes over you. What damage has been caused? What will you need to do? You check your car – no […]

The scandal of wasted food

In the UK there is now an enormous amount of food wasted. One has to ask why is this? We are in tough economic times. We have concerns about food production (and pressure to move to GM crops to increase yield), as well as social difficulties feeding people (resulting in widespread UK Foodbank introduction) – […]