The ‘radical cleric’ Abu Qatada?


We have a Jordanian of 50 ish living in our Country. He has been here for some 20 years. He hates everything about our lifestyle and values in the Western world. We pay for him to live here. We pay for his family to live here. We pay for his lawyers and barristers and the rest of his legal team in continual trials to send him back to his country of origin. We pay for his fellow travellers. He has been here after arriving illegally on a forged passport – there’s no surprise there then.

He is described as a ‘radical cleric’. What the heck is that all about? He is a convicted terrorist. It is unbelievable that the Muslim community have not disowned him and denied him the right to claim such a religious description as a cleric – it demeans their faith, but that is a fundamental problem in their community unfortunately.

What kind of madness is this?

The problem with the British judicial system (like some other areas) is that there is no accountability. Judges make decisions and rulings that sometimes defy credibility – yet they just carry on totally unabashed. Criminals are given a ‘second chance’ or are given bail, or a suspended jail sentence, which turns out to be a disaster, but the person making that decision isn’t held to account and certainly doesn’t suffer, whatever the consequences. How can that be right? Or sensible?

Why is it that the defence QCs who plead their criminals’ case in court to get them off, or released, or lenient treatment, or bail, or whatever are not held accountable when the criminals are proven guilty, or even it all goes wrong later and they reoffend or even kill somebody?

What persons gave Abu Qatadaasylum status in the first place? Why have they not been identified? Why have they not been held to account for the £millions it has cost us all?

Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly claim they are going to deport him – but every time they get it wrong and the British judges (make a name for themselves!) thwart the plan.

Unbelievably the judges trusted him and gave him bail (despite the fact that he had originally gone on the run for nearly  a year to avoid arrest in 2001)  – so he could continue to live the life of Riley at our expense. But of course he couldn’t be trusted could he – he broke his bail conditions enormously (of not accessing media facilities, but he had about75!) because they interfered with his operation of hate. So he is now back in Jail, but unbelievable his lawyers are asking for him to be released again (because he would not abscond!) since he ‘promises’ go back to Jordan, if laws are changes on evidence gathering. Quite possibly the judges will believe him again, don’t you think?

There is c couple of choices still available to the politicians – introduce torture in the UK (so there would be no disadvantage to any man in being sent to Jordan would there!).

Probably the easier option is for Teresa May to take the man from London’s  HM Prison Belmarsh in the dead of night, handcuff him, and  personally accompany him on a military plane from Northolt airfield and in person deliver him safely to the authorities in Jordan, where he was convicted (in his absence) of terrorist charges 14 years ago!

Of course this latter option would be seen as highly illegal and in breach of the judge’s decision. So what? Mrs May would of course have to resign – you can’t have a Home Secretary who knowingly breaks the law can we?

There is a possibility that she could face prosecution as well, but that would be a minimum risk  – particularly if she makes sure a shed load of others are involved in the plan as well as her (after all our prisons are so full there wouldn’t be room for a host of others would there?). Otherwise a ‘Royal Pardon’ would be forthcoming without doubt!

If May has the guts to do it then she can be certain to be the next leader of the Conservative Party (as Cameron is a busted flush already) and she will trounce all comers (including UKIP) to become the second female Prime Minister of the UK.Time now for our government to get a grip of this situation, deal with it, stop a systematic insult to a friendly major Arab country, as well sorting out the other foreign miscreants that are in this Country that the judges keep stopping us getting rid off (which is simply an abuse of our long held and genuine human rights principles).

One thought on “The ‘radical cleric’ Abu Qatada?

  1. Along with everything which appears to be building throughout this subject matter, many of your points of view are actually relatively exciting. Nonetheless, I beg your pardon, because I do not give credence to your entire idea, all be it exhilarating none the less. It seems to us that your commentary are not entirely validated and in actuality you are yourself not completely certain of your assertion. In any case I did appreciate reading through it.


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