Nigel Farage? WHO?

farageNIGEL FARAGE UKIP who will vote for them?ukip

It was somewhat shocking to read on his website that Nigel Farage seems to think that Thatcher would have been the country’s saviour regarding Europe!

He seems to forget that it was Thatcher who was inconsistent on Europe and despite her ongoing legacy of getting the so called ‘Rebate’ in 1984 (some of our own massive amount of money unfairly taken and returned!), but she also knowingly supported 1973 EEC entry, the YES referendum in 1975, and finally signed us into the 1986 Single European Act (AFTER the rebate saga!), before she was then finally sacked by her Cabinet.

He seems to forget that it was Thatcher who scurrilously denied Heseltine the premiership and calculatingly handed the baton to Major, who went on to sign the disastrous Maastricht treaty (for which FARAGE to his credit left the Conservatives!) without any reference to the electorate.

He is probably right that Thatcher would have been well scared of public opinion on the matter (as she was about everything else) and might well have comprised with, or favoured a referendum – but please don’t let him pretend she was some kind of liberator (or libertarian as he reportedly describes himself).

If he wants UKIP to do well in 2015 then he needs to ditch his apparent love of Thatcher, because the general electorate hate her and the results of her administrations, despite her state style funeral. She will be the kiss of death to UKIP if UKIP embraces her.

Nigel Farage is portrayed as extreme ‘right wing’ and many are not in that group, but that doesn’t stop people agreeing with major UKIP ideas. Most voters know nothing about him or his background, but we suspect that he personally will stand up to scrutiny and his track record in the European parliament and fights against the iffy people there will become public knowledge to his benefit (Tories and Labour will spend £millions trashing him and UKIP in the next couple of years of course)

Farage’s appeal to the people of this country is because they see him as a rare politician who is a straight dealer unlike the others. If he spoils that image by association with Thatcher or other past Conservatives, then he and the UKIP party will evaporate as quickly as it coagulated.


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