Cameron’s Biggest Mistake?

ImageForget the Local Election Results; the Prime Minister had already delivered two years ago a fatal blow to Tory chances of forming the next government.

He introduced a ‘fixed term parliament’ of 5 years instead of it being a maximum. This was madness, as one of the greatest powers of any previous administration was the element of surprise in calling an election – the foes could be caught napping or spend their energy at the wrong time.

Not now. No risk now of Labour being unprepared (or needing to declare any policies yet); no risk now of the LibDems being caught short (or being further tainted by being in coalition}; no risk now of UKIP not having time to get their act together (raise money and capitalise on their amazing Local Election success and likely European election trouncing of all, and then put in place a strong general election root level machine).

David Cameron, and the main protagonist for the change Nick Clegg, will get their 5 years im power at the expense of the Conservative Party.

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