Review of Civil Partnerships? Labour support for Cameron

Cameron was under severe pressure. Whatever the merits, there was no public mandate for the gay marriage bill and certainly no Conservative grassroots consultancy, or go-ahead. But Ed Miliband stepped into the breach and saved the day! Why? Because the Labour Opposition DON’T want to be in government YET! They want the Tories to take […]

The ‘radical cleric’ Abu Qatada?

We have a Jordanian of 50 ish living in our Country. He has been here for some 20 years. He hates everything about our lifestyle and values in the Western world. We pay for him to live here. We pay for his family to live here. We pay for his lawyers and barristers and the […]

Nick Clegg – past his sell by date?

A straightforward message to Nick Clegg, Leader Liberal Democratic Party. What can be said? Goodbye seems inadequate. To be sure he is a good hearted man, but we fear that he is neither a Liberal nor a Social Democrat, so it is surprising that he managed to get elected leader of the LibDems in 2007 […]

Nigel Farage? WHO?

NIGEL FARAGE UKIP who will vote for them? It was somewhat shocking to read on his website that Nigel Farage seems to think that Thatcher would have been the country’s saviour regarding Europe! He seems to forget that it was Thatcher who was inconsistent on Europe and despite her ongoing legacy of getting the so […]

Ed Miliband – Prime Minister?

up to the job?which hat will he wear? Ed Miliband has a fifty-fifty chance of being the next Prime Minister of our Country and having a majority (no better than that, as the results of the May 2nd local Elections showed that he and  the Labour Party is not back as far as the people […]

Cameron’s Biggest Mistake?

Forget the Local Election Results; the Prime Minister had already delivered two years ago a fatal blow to Tory chances of forming the next government. He introduced a ‘fixed term parliament’ of 5 years instead of it being a maximum. This was madness, as one of the greatest powers of any previous administration was the […]

“Guilty! “or ” Innocent!“ – the British Justice system is a joke? Not fit for purpose?

Has the British criminal trial system ever been any good? Unfortunately we have transported it round the World already whatever the answer to that is! In a Court case we work here on an ‘adversarial’ system – that means that it is a giant ‘fight’ between combatants, and the strongest or cleverest person wins (doesn’t […]