The American Dream? Or a Nightmare?

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The Americans are a sad lot. They have so much and at the same time so little.

Anyone with any sense would see that they have built an impressive and sustainable economic state over the last couple of hundred years. Us outsiders feel though real hurt in their destruction of the native Indian existence in the process. Hollywood films of Cowboys and Indians glorifying the killing and oppression of the original inhabitants of America, and classifying Indians simply as savages, while in reality they were a ill armed race fighting and dying for their survival, leaves a sour taste in the mouth – but that was the way it was unfortunately.

Unhappily, the modern American has been utterly seduced by the over love of money; it is the driving force behind all their lives. It may provide some strong creative powers, but there are though consequences, and they are very bad consequences!

It is a truism that someone has to run the country. In America you have to be wealthy to run the country. You don’t have to be good, or a nice person, or talented, or man, or woman, or attractive, or public spirited, or truthful, or trustworthy, or religious, or white, or black, or dedicated, or ambitious, or anything else. No, you just have to be wealthy; wealthy enough to not need to earn a living; wealthy enough to stand for election and entice other wealthy individuals and organisations to give you money. You use of course all the money (billions of dollars) to promote your candidature and persuade the naive voters you are something you are not – with luck you won’t get found out about being a sleazebag, or an adulterer, or a financial spiv, or something else (at least until you have won the prize!).

Ah so, what is the problem? Well, you get elected and then you owe them big time don’t you? You have to fully repay the ‘investors’ of your success. You have to provide jobs, or introductions, or platforms, or social standing, or whatever is required. You have to really pay your way. You have to act and vote with all your own money suppliers in mind – not least because you will need their money again when you are up for re-election. No room to have a personal conscience then is there? The founding fathers will be turning in their graves!

That is why the President, the person so called the ‘most powerful man in the world’ cannot bring the disgusting American gun culture under any semblance of control. Even what other countries would deem as minor measures are still rejected because the gun lobby have the legislators in their pockets and want to continue to live the high life on the profits from the blood and bodies of all those shot and killed by their weapons. How can the American people stomach the Senate, their supposedly principled representatives, rejecting even smallish proposals intended to start the halt to the slaughter of your own children and families and friends by any Tom Dick, or Harry buying, owning, and using war type guns in a local community?. The killing culture promoted in the USA is unworthy of a civilised nation in modern times. It is still Wild West times in the States – how sad is that?

The latest outrage, the Boston Bombing, simply demonstrates the facts – the two suspects were heavily armed and when cornered they shot at and killed anyone they could. Who armed them? Who sold those two cretins loads of weapons and hundreds of bullets – YOU GUYS IN AMERICA DID! You must feel proud? Proud that you all have the right to have the most destructive and most powerful guns available, so you can kill people if the mood takes you? Proud that you can sleep with a pistol under your pillow and confident that you can beat anyone else to the draw? Perhaps you have watched too many John Wayne westerns? Or perhaps you are a paid-up member of the American National Rifle Association (NRA) which promotes firearm ownership, or have you shares in a weapons manufacturer?

Why don’t you guys get a life? Or save a life? Your country has disgraceful statistics on gun crime and gun killings, and you are supposed to be a major democracy to why don’t you do something about it and target your politicians?

In the UK we get a lot of American drop-offs – some good some bad. The very bad includes the interest in owning guns and killing people. Our own laws are somewhat inadequate and very poorly administered, so we get to boot many killings by people legally allowed to own guns! Criminals of course nowadays also easily get hold of guns and use them, so increasingly and worryingly our police force go out armed to the teeth – the days of the British Bobby’s wood truncheon are now unfortunately numbered.

5 thoughts on “The American Dream? Or a Nightmare?

  1. I’m not part of this problem. You are welcome to visit my little town, where deer roam the streets and yards unmolested. I’m not exaggerating. No hunting here, except for peace. We have about a dozen police officers, and most of what they do is write traffic citations. We are dedicated to voluntary simplicity, sustainable energy and green business practices. Our once-smelly old paper mill is being retrofitted for co-generation of electricity from our landfill and wood waste.

    A broad majority of voters did want the recently defeated gun control bill passed. There have been previous periods when the Senate was unresponsive to public will. It has always caused the election of people representing views more in tune with public opinion. I believe it will happen this time as well.


    • Most of us admire the American people. Most of you are seen by us as hard working and a quite enviousable people.
      One point is that you the average person have lost control of your destiny because you have lost control of the politicians – perhaps you don’t agree?
      In the UK we also have the same problem – so you have our sympathy!
      Can you do anything about it? Not unless you are wealthy?
      Tell me of your town – will try to get there in my lifetime even if we never meet – it sounds my cup of tea (as we English say!)


      • It’s Port Townsend, in the state of Washington, population 9,000, a Victorian seaport. In large cities I suppose the government has an effect similar to absentee landlords, but here in the country our neighbors ARE the government. Our local politicians are responsive, because if they aren’t they will be confronted at the grocers line and frowned upon in church. The close proximity improves the quality of life and relationships in general. As far as the federal government, well, we vote and then pay little attention to them until the next election, and they treat us much the same way.


      • Hi

        You are a very lucky lad you live in a lovely place. It is said it was also called the “City of Dreams so that is magical. I am definitely going to come!

        But are you really being a copout as an English phrase says Im all right Jack meaning it doesnt affect you?

        Surely you have a national Senator and a Representative who are voting against your views?

        You seem a responsible individual so why not cause a bit of a fuss might be fun!

        > Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 02:28:57 +0000 > To: >


      • One reason I moved here from California was because the Senators (both women, also unique) were already voting more in line with my views than the ones in my previous home state. But I have to say I have never expected government to do much for me, regarding it more as a necessary nuisance. Someone has to fix the roads.


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