Margaret Thatcher – THE WITCH?

More Halloween Clip Art Illustrations at http://www.ClipartOf.comWilliam Pitt the Elder House of Lords in 1770:”Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

The voting public of the UK really are a bit of a joke. The anti-Thatcher’s have bought a 75 year old song from The Wizard of Oz in order to impel it into the top spot in the main official pop charts – they only just failed, but they have managed to cause a major rumpus before the lady’s funeral on Wednesday 17th April; the poor old BBC was then under criticism from Conservatives at every level for not banning the song on their chart show – ah well we don’t want to be seen like some communist dictatorship do we? (no, we prefer to be more subtle and simply silently arrest potential protesters before the actual funeral!).

What people seem to forget is that Mrs Thatcher won 3 General Elections. Who voted for her? YOU the general public did. YOU didn’t bother to vote for the alternatives, and 23 years after her last premiership, millions of you want to moan about her policies. Not only that, but YOU the general public then went on to vote in as PM her appointed heir ‘grey man’ John Major – so he was in charge for another 6 ½ years. Result the Conservatives were in power for another 18 years but Maggie only for 11 ½ of those years!

It is convenient to express this bitter bile against Thatcher, but don’t never blame yourselves will you? Don’t blame all the others will you? Who was she? A tyrant running a rogue state and killing-off all her enemies? Or an elected leader of a Tory party in a democracy. She may well have been a bully getting her own way through the weakness and the sycophantic support of her compatriots? There were some 650 MPs in the House of Commons – where were they? What were they doing for YOU? Weren’t they the ones who voted through the Thatcher inspired legislation (sold off Council houses but wouldn’t replace them; privatised crucial state owned industries now decimated; abolished the GLC (Labour); shattered the mines and ended the basic coal business in this Country; showed ineptitude causing the loss of the Falklands and resulting in a avoidable War with Argentina (but our Military won them back – not her, with over UK 250 & about 650 Argentina lives lost); brought in the infamous Poll Tax (which finished her); broke the working man’s weight through the Unions; agreed to Sothern Ireland being involved in running UK Northern Ireland; etc.

So is it OK to portray her as a Witch – or is that just a copout so all the blame and hate can be focused on one person? What about the fellow travellers?
What about her Ministers? What about Heseltine (who got stuffed over the Westland fiasco), then ousted her but was so inept that he failed to win the prize? What about Hailsham (Lord Chancellor overseeing the destruction of Law & Order)? What about fatty Soames or wishy washy Whitelaw? What about Baroness Young who was accused of poisoning society with prejudice and intolerance? What about David Mellor who did more in bed with his football kit on than good in government?

What about Geoffrey Howe (her longest serving Minister), who apparently tried to run the economy and then foreign policy and then being deputy, but at the end finally found out that the PM as team captain had broken his bat? What about Lamont who lost us many £billions on Black Friday, yet he is now wheeled out to pronounce on the severe current governments financial affairs? What about Lord Carrington the Foreign Secretary who misunderstood the rule of ‘blaming everyone else’ and actually resigned because he fouled-up?

What about Douglas Hogg (what the hell did he do for farming apart from having a moat for us to clean)? What about Baroness Trumpington who couldn’t get elected as an MP but was only good at giving V-signs in the Lords? What about Alan Clarke who spent most of his time womanising rather than his duties as a minister or MP? What about Michael Portillo who makes a living now doing TV train journeys when he helped to destroy the rail system as a minister? What about boy Colin Moynihan who was sports minister answer to Eddie the Eagle ski jumper?

What about Virginia Bottomley who did her bit to devastate performance of the Health Service? What about Cecil Parkinson who screwed up everything including his secretary (had a girl child who at 18 years he didn’t have time to meet or care for)? What about Norman Tebbit who spent years destroying employment he was supposed to save (he didn’t provide any bikes either) and who is still around spouting venom about ordinary people and protecting his late master’s image (sorry mistress in this case – but not literally)?

What about the dozens of other nobodies who ran the Country with Thatcher over all those years (took the money and ran)? Do you not blame them?

What about the House of Lords – the so called ‘revising chamber’ there to protect us all from the ravages of the out-of-control Commons? What part did they play in reigning in the Thatcher government’s onslaught of the British people? You guessed it – NOTHING! The thousand of so called honourable Lords sat on their arses and then went home to their lord of the manor homes with their lovely expenses and titles. Why don’t you blame them?

Was she a ‘witch’? Someone supernatural with magical powers? Was she ‘wicked’? Someone evil and sinful? Was she simply ‘misguided’? She was positively more than focused, and she certainly obtained a ‘legacy’ status in history. Hating somebody is different from hating what they have done. If you hate ‘Thatcherism’ (as she was disgustingly proud to call it) that doesn’t mean you should be dancing on her grave – that is what the ignorant people did in the 18 century when the Church was behind the killing of thousands of accused witches in the name of religion.

Is a totally different matter though to complain about the obvious Tory £10milluion propaganda escapade in a Thatcher semi State funeral and the use of our armed forces to promote it (calling it ‘true blue’ was a bit of a giveaway don’t you think?). IT is said she needed to be honoured as she is described as a woman of courage. She certainly showed courage with other people’s lives. She is said to need to be honoured as she served her Country. She did a job she relished in as an MP and Prime Minister for which she was well paid and rewarded. How does that equate as serving your country (or does being in a hotel bombed count)?

The voting public are a joke. They have once again, 3 years ago, voted in the Conservatives to do a repeat job on Thatcher and now are whinging about it! Now they want to moan?

The Tories can be relied upon to be clever and look after their own, Labour can be relied on to be stupid and not bother to turn out to elections. LibDems can be relied upon to be idealistic and be as unprincipled as their opponents. UKIP can be relied upon to be enjoyably devious and to stuff the others at the next elections.

So let us allow this person go to meet her maker in peace and let us think only of her family at this time who will feel her loss whatever anyone else



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