Two very different Conservative Prime Ministers: Churchill & Thatcher two very different funerals!

Winston Churchill, a Conservative (ex-Liberal) took control of this Country in bad times in May 1940 when the German forces had invaded Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by air and land. He then saved not just this land but also the rest of Europe from the oppression of Hitler and the German yoke. He served us then as Prime Minister at a crucial time and is credited by experts as the influencing force behind the winning of WW2. He was not a perfect man. He was not a perfect politician. He was not even a perfect Prime Minister in his later years, and he resigned an old and ill man in 1955.

When he died 10 years later, the peoples of this country were though united in their tributes to the man, and rejoiced in the spectacle of a State Funeral for him , at which many thousands of people turned out to pay their last respects.

His legacy is that he brought total destruction to the forces of evil, and saved the independence of the United Kingdom.

Margaret Thatcher wrestled the leadership of the Conservative Party from Ted Heath in 1975,  and became the first female Prime Minister in 1979 (serving until 1990 – the longest PM).

When she died in April 2013, the general population showed no sense of loss and the media comments on her contribution to this world have not always been complimentary. Party leaders have of course  paid tribute to the person Mrs Thatcher  as having been a very strong and powerful influence on events in this Country and worldwide, but her simply being a self centred bully when she got full power has not been much promulgated. She is going to have a ceremonial ‘full military honours’ funeral (not apparently a full ‘State Funeral’), it sounds as if costing up to £10million. Who wants this? No one! Those who attended the Princess (as was) Diana funeral will be aghast at this comparison and the ‘powers that be’ insensitivity to the feelings of the population.

Her legacy is that she brought massive destruction to essential UK industries, a major destruction of jobs, created a divisive society, and stridently did long term damage to our reputation in Europe.

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