Margret Thatcher – Heroine or Antiheroine?



This person who died today was the first and only female Prime Minister of the UK. She turned out to also be the longest serving PM of all time.

She unquestionably was a very powerful lady, but did she really have the admirable qualities or the necessary heroic values that warrant the idolisation that will be bestowed on her in the coming weeks and months. Was she really a person you would class as being morally good, or caring, or noble, or selfless, or ever humble?

She was without doubt idealistic (perhaps about the wrong things?), strong willed (perhaps in the wrong directions?), and courageous (with other people’s lives perhaps?), and obviously showed fortitude throughout her political life & premiership (perhaps to the determent of her Country?)

Many of us in Britain voted for Mrs. Thatcher before realiing what that meant and changed direction, but it was too late for the British people because she carried on for all those years – surviving because of her dogged determination and sheer luck over the Falklands War with Argentina.

History will judge her actions, but many of her generation will unfortunately not be able to feel all that saddened tonight, except that a person has died.

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