Doctors – Dare you trust them?

DoctorIn the early 1800s pregnant women were traumatised if they had to go into hospital to have a birth – they knew they might well die. There was no basic knowledge those days of infection and due to not washing hands the Doctors were killing the mothers. The women didn’t trust the Doctors then, and for good reason. Dare you trust them now?

Well, most of us use Doctors these days. We get free treatment in the UK on the NHS, or you might even have private medical cover. But nevertheless how confident are you in your medical care either way?

Do you know anything about Doctors? How they are trained, what they know, what experience they have got, and what qualifications have they got, or even should they be treating you?

To get to be a Doctor is difficult (in this country at least); you have to be academically brilliant & you have to be very determined – but that doesn’t make people a competent doctor, or even caring, does it? Doctors spend at least 5 years studying at Medical School and they are then supposedly ‘qualified’ – qualified to treat you? We think NOT! They then spend many more years ‘on the job’ really learning about medicine and treating people; in the process they will certainly kill a few. Is that going to be you or your loved one?

You need to be warned then that MOST of the hospital Doctors you will come across will not be fully competent – they haven’t yet been full trained you see! If you are in hospital then the only Doctor you can relax about is your Consultant, because he or she has been through the mill and knows their stuff – their Registrars and Senior House Officers are simply making up the numbers (one day some will learn enough to be Consultants but most won’t). The junior medics will pretend they are top notch but you should simply take their help but demand the Consultant’s time on your treatment – or you might not be around to regret it.

How about your GP – are they going to save your life? We think NOT! Most of us have a GP under the NHS – sometimes you know them a bit, sometimes not always, because often a gaggle are grouped into a Practice and you see whoever is available. In previous eras people had a specific GP and knew him or her, even though they never had a consultation year in year out. Nowadays everyone sees a GP at the slightest sign of minor illness and so often that Surgeries are totally overwhelmed by patients. GPs no longer have time to deal with them as people, only time to hand out pills galore to get them out of the door (issuing antibiotics so often that they have destroyed the long-term value of that drug and have jeopardised the future of our next generation).

Your GP knows a little about everything and not a lot about major illness. The only way that your GP can save your life, or your limbs, or your faculties, or your sanity, is if they determine that you are quite ill and refer you to an expert (Hospital Consultant). The dangerous GPs are the ones who think they know it all and try to treat you when you have something more sinister than a severe cold. By all means go to your GP for unwell symptoms, but if you are really worried about your health ask the GP directly to be referred to a specialist (apart from going to A&E that is the only way of seeing one anyway, even if you are insured as private!).

Architects are very bright and well educated, but tall buildings fall down and big bridges collapse. Aeroplane pilots are dedicated and highly trained, but still planes crash. Lawyers are dazzling and a bit knowledgeable, but we still question their judgement. Doctors also make mistakes and that is because they are human (like us), so why do we treat them like gods and infallible?

If you want to live as full and healthy a life as possible, then you exercise the same control you do over other things in your life, don’t be a wimp, and make sure you get all the treatment you need exactly when you need it, and how you need it. It can be done by YOU. Don’t trust the Doctor to do it!

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