Bangladesh Dhaka – who are the true killers?

Dhaka capital World headlines for days now have been about the total collapse of a large eight story factory building. Nobody following the news knows where its location of the Dhaka suburb of Ashulia is, or even where the country of Bangladesh is. All we know is that they are foreigners faced by a disaster […]

UK Local Elections – another big waste of time and money?

Well most of those in England will have Council Elections on Thursday 2nd May 2013 – bet you couldn’t sleep with excitement? We all know who is going to win a shed load of seats (and Council control) –Labour. Does that mean they are fantastic? We think NOT! It will happen because they LOST a […]

The American Dream? Or a Nightmare?

/> The Americans are a sad lot. They have so much and at the same time so little. Anyone with any sense would see that they have built an impressive and sustainable economic state over the last couple of hundred years. Us outsiders feel though real hurt in their destruction of the native Indian existence […]

The Press – in the gutter again? Oh Dear!

Yesterday the Sunday Mirror April 21 2013 carried a major front page story with headline ‘My Poor Rolf’ in the company of a ‘Full Story’ on Page 9, this accompanied by a further major headline ‘He’s really suffering.. he can’t even sleep’. Whether intentional or not, these articles and their content  presents a ‘sympathetic’ news […]

UK Coastal Defences – what nightmare happened to them?

Famous White Cliffs of Dover are collapsing Sea level up by only 1m Could the UK survive a tsunami? Don’t be silly – we couldn’t survive a very high tide, never mind a massive wave! Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions under the sea, massive landslides into water, or even hefty meteors from outer […]

i Newspaper – you read it on the Blog before 1/4 million others!

[DADMAN007 Post published April 17 2013 “Margaret Thatcher – Laid to Rest” i Newspaper (UK Newspaper of the Year circulation 250K) letter published April 18 2013 “They came to bury Thatcher”]

Margaret Thatcher – Laid to Rest

Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013) Conservative MP for Finchley, Prime Minister 1979 -1990 (3 elections won  1979, 1983, 1987) Worthy of a semi-State funeral. A politician of immense stature. A Prime Minister unequalled in modern times. A Leader extraordinaire. How comes she was sacked by her Cabinet some twenty years ago? The same Ministers she had personally […]

Margaret Thatcher – THE WITCH?

William Pitt the Elder House of Lords in 1770:”Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” The voting public of the UK really are a bit of a joke. The anti-Thatcher’s have bought a 75 year old song from The Wizard of Oz in order to impel it into the […]

Two very different Conservative Prime Ministers: Churchill & Thatcher two very different funerals!

Winston Churchill, a Conservative (ex-Liberal) took control of this Country in bad times in May 1940 when the German forces had invaded Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by air and land. He then saved not just this land but also the rest of Europe from the oppression of Hitler and the German yoke. He served us […]