Are you good enough to go to Heaven or Paradise? Atheists needn’t apply?

ImageWell do you really have to believe in a God in this life to get into Heaven or Paradise in the next life? Is belief an essential part of doing the will of your God? Or is it simply a matter of behaving correctly, doing good, and following the rules and principles of the respective faith? Do you have to believe, do you have to pray to be a good person and do God’s work?

Here is a little joke. ‘Once upon a time there was a good Protestant man who died and was welcomed into Heaven. St Peter told him to enjoy himself and that there was only one restriction; he wasn’t allowed to go through a door in a surrounding wall. Everything was fine and everyone was having a really good time and partying, but the man was still a bit unhappy – he was bewildered about the other side of the wall. St Peter felt sorry for him and let him look through the door. There to the man’s surprise was exactly the same set up as on his side with loads of people partying. St Peter warned the man to keep quiet saying “they are the Catholics and they think they are the only ones here” ‘. The funny point is that each religion firmly believes that their faith is the only route to the true afterlife – but is it?

  • Do you avoid gluttony and abuse of alcohol or drugs and look to your health?
  • Do you care about other people and try to help them in their troubles?
  • Do you distain from the wickedness perpetrated by some of society and the media of TV, Radio, and Theatre etc.
  • Do you always behave honestly and with integrity even in difficult situations?
  • Do you abhor and evade the crimes and sins of humanity including murder, adultery, robbery, heavy gambling, immorality, and other degrading acts?
  • Do you refuse to abuse any God?
  • Do you give respect to all others?
  • Do you resist any temptation to tell lies?
  • Do you accept people who are better off than you or who are in a superior position than you?
  • Do you try to do good deeds for your community and mankind regardless of whom or what they are?
  • Do you respect human rights and believe all peoples are equal?
  • Do you treat others as you expect to be treated yourself?
  • Do you reject taking revenge on those who have done you harm?
  • Do you deny feelings of hate?
  • Do you forgive your enemies and don’t react with hatred?
  • Do you act with compassion in dealing with people and situations?
  • Do you repent your own sins?

    If all the answers are YES then surely you are a candidate for God’s approval?

    Many religions demand that people do not worship another god. But is this really what God burdens a flock with to allow an afterlife? Humans are often thinking but inadequate individuals who surely can’t be expected by God to be always right in their decisions which are not sinful? If people live a good and admirable life but are even atheists are they ‘black balled’ from the afterlife? This concept destroys the necessary and proper respect that each religion needs to give another. All religions should live in harmony as part of their faith and due tolerance of mankind.

    If your God doesn’t want to let you in, do you really want to be there?

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