RICH or FAMOUS? Who cares?

ImageImageAre You rich? ……………………………………………………………………………………..Are You famous?

OK that’s good.

What does being rich do for people? It means they don’t have to worry about money OK?

Wrong! Rich people DO have to worry about money – how do they invest it, how should they spend it, how do they keep it, how do they avoid it being stolen, how do you stop people thinking you are shallow, why do people question how you got it, are you spending it wisely? So many sleepless nights. How much money should the kids be given? Are those real friends or just impressed by the money? Do people think badly of me because of money? Is that person interested in me or after my money? Is that a fair deal or are they conning me for my money because they know I’m loaded? Does he love me or need access to my cash. Does she really find me attractive or did she see my wallet? Should the children mix with the poorer families? Is that outfit too showy and ostentatious. Is that…? So many questions. So much doubt. So much uncertainty. So much stress. So much unhappiness!

Ah but what about being famous? That means everyone admires and respects you?

Wrong! Famous people are pursued from pillar to post. It doesn’t matter why you are famous you are ‘known’ to people so you become their property. They expect to accost you in the street. They expect to ask you invasive or rude questions. They expect you to give them money. They expect you to get them a job. They (press) expect to harass you for pictures or stories. They expect you to further their career. They expect you to be well-heeled. They expect you to champion their cause. They (press) expect to uncover your private or intimate secrets. They expect you to give up time for their charity. They expect you to like their kids. They expect your love life to be an open book. They expect you to be nice. They expect to introduce themselves when you are in a restaurant. They (sickos) expect to stalk you. They expect your family and friends to be famous add-ons. They expect you to be glamorous or smart at all times. They expect everything.


[If you are Rich AND Famous you deserve our thoughts. If you are not Rich or Famous be careful what you wish for!]

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