Poetry ‘Word Music’

Alexander_Anderson_(poet) In long-gone days (but not soo long ago) children used to learn their favourite poems in front of a coal fire and later recite them at family gatherings – their ‘party piece’. But that was in a time when there was no TV or iPads or Game Boxes or Facebook to spoil their growing-up lives!
This Scottish poem is a classic by a humble self educated man from Dumfriesshire. He was a working man labouring on the railways before emerging as a true poet in his early 20s c1870. You don’t have to be a Scots speaker to understand most of it – just guess.

Whenever possible read poems aloud!

Do you fortunate parents still encourage your kids to learn poetry and recount it publically? Or are they banished to their bedroom with their gadgets so you can watch the football or the soaps?

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