Women are sex objects – and you know it

ladyIt is amusing to hear women on the radio, or read their comments or articles in the papers, or see women on the TV, all complaining that women are portrayed as ‘sex objects’. Now it is not clear what that phrase actually means, but the implication is that society is wrong and obscene in seeing women as sexy human beings. What is difficult to not laugh about is that all these in the face complainers are all dressed to kill, totally glammed up, and wherever possible showing off their body to best advantage.

There is nothing wrong as being seen as a sex object – most women would be secretly indebted to hear from someone that they had so been admired and described, and would even fantasise about it. Women as the female of the human species is in the position of it being inborn to attract males from which to chose a mate. In other species that role can fall to the male – often in birds. Consequently the woman carries on and promotes that instinct throughout life – despite having chosen a mate or indeed being well past needing or wanting one.

Women spend most of their lives indulging themselves in the task of appealing to men. The shopping bug is only a symptom of this (the other part is the feminine desire to spend money, especially their husbands or lovers). The total amount women spend on attractive (meaning sexy as possible) clothes is unbelievable – so it is not to keep warm (by that method anyway)! Then there is the shoes; what is so amazing is not just the price they will pay for a ‘oh they are absolutely fabulous’ pair, but the actual pain they are prepared to suffer ti wear them. Then of course is the silk or even more expensive underwear, including the pushup bra, which is hidden (mostly) but makes the woman ‘feel’ sexy just going out or even just about her normal business. None of that of course can ever outweigh the vibrant makeup scenario. No self respecting woman would even answer the door without her makeup on, as all husbands would testify. The cosmetic industry is so large that if women stopped painting their faces the world economy would collapse. What is the excuse for perfume if not to attract the males – it is neither a natural smell nor a protection against any random mosquitoes.

Single women, married women, young women, attached women, old women, pretty women, poor women, old women, ordinary women, unattached women, rich women, in fact all women dress to be most ATTRACTIVE. It is no accident that they all seem to wear tops that show their chest area or back area, even if they are not drawing attention to their breasts with a low cut bra. This is the way our society has developed and there is nothing wrong with it.

A comparison joke is the one about a farmer advertising in a newspaper for a wife and he stipulates that the woman must have her own tractor. He adds the request ‘pleaser send picture of the tractor’.

Complainers saying that ‘wolf whistlers’ are perverts is just plain silly – any woman so whistled at should take it as a remote compliment on her looks and dress, as she would if complemented at a big do by someone saying ‘you look lovely tonight’.

The real problem is the people involved in pornography where women are most definitely degraded by sex (and men perverted and corrupted whatever the law says), and prostitution where most women are in poverty or are being controlled by pimps and drugs. The other major group of women who demean their gender are those that have casual with men they hardly know or are likely to get to know – and often go on to have an illegitimate baby or an abortion

The real point that the complainers are making is that MEN need to FULLY understand that women may deliberately set out to be attractive and sexy and even lusted after, but you can look, desire or whatever, but don’t ever proposition and just DON’T TOUCH!

[daman007 is on holiday so posts are tardy or sparse]

2 thoughts on “Women are sex objects – and you know it

  1. Oh my. Do you even know what you’re saying? How bias can you get? Can women not buy clothes to look and feel good about themselves without it telling men that they want to be screwed? Yes, I am a women, but for the love of God you can not actually be so stupid to believe that women that complain about this secretly want to be looked at like a dog. By the way your English is terrible.


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