Serial Killer Escapes Justice



The Cigarette with its accomplice in crime the Tobacco Industry has killed and killed and killed. There is nobody in the dock.

The Tobacco Industry have lied and lied and lied. There is nobody in the dock.

When you see a hearse or a grieving family you can bet your bottom dollar that more likely than not the Cigarette has had its way again. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK.

Some three thousand new people get cancer each year. Lung cancer is the biggest killer. Oh that’s not all – If people smoke they risk more than fifty serious health conditions, some fatal, others causing irretrievable damage.

It was as early as the 1920’s when smoking was first linked to cancer. But it wasn’t until 1950 that British research identified a clear relationship between smoking and cancer. Of course the Tobacco Industry, driven by greed, vigorously disputed that, and then spent decades shrouding the truth, lying about the dangers of smoking and shredding study data while spending vast sums on advertising and promoting, so that the Cigarette could carry on killing and maiming. The people involved and behind this have never been brought to justice. Others carry the mantle even today, fighting on every corner at every opportunity in every country to promote the sale of the Cigarette. There is nobody in the dock.

We live in a country today where the public generally support the political action that has been belatedly taken to reduce the sale of the Cigarette. Disgracefully, the Tobacco Industry has fought, and still does to this day, every proposal and measure tooth and nail, with lies and scams and blame shifting to the victims. They even still get away with their wickedness in the much poorer countries of the world. There is nobody in the dock.

A senior hospital cancer Consultant was asked about how they were. The answer was that they ‘felt down’ as they had had a really bad week – they needed to tell a number of middle-aged patients every day that they were going to die – then they would cry. Do you know somebody who is going to cry?

Voice support for any measure to kill off the killer – THE CIGARETTE.

Would you rather nag your family or friends about getting help to ‘stop smoking’, or turn up at their funeral with some tears and flowers?

post dedicated to Lyn

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