The Pryce of Justice

Unexpectedly, the trial of Vicki Price the ex-wife of ex-minister, ex-MP, about to be ex-free man Chris Huhne collapses in chaos – the jury like the rest of us couldn’t understand why they were there. How the CPS can consider it was in the public interest to pursue the action against her for taking her husband’s speeding points beggars belief. The case should have been abandoned by the prosecution when the lying serial motoring lawbreaker Huhne finally changed his plea to guilty for perverting the course of justice.

It was essential that Huhne himself was brought to justice – he was an utterly deceitful creature enjoying himself in a position of great power in the Government, and indeed the Cabinet, as Energy Secretary. He behaved as being above the law not only in his many driving offences but also in his refusal to accept the consequences. You can’t have a Privy Counsellor, Minister of State and MP, who is so dishonest that he exposes his ex-wife to prison, disgraces his family, damages his children, and scandalously dupes his own colleagues and friends. His public and forceful utterances of innocence show both a lack of moral fibre and a total disregard for justice.

LibDem Chris Huhne is a rare combination of drive, talent, ambition and shocking dishonesty, whose legacy will not be the renowned international political figure he so sought after, but fame as the first Cabinet Minister to lose his job in a criminal prosecution, and notoriety for competing with perjurers Jonathan Aitken, and Jeffrey Archer, for British MPs greatest barefaced liar.

Huhne is one of about a million motorists who are caught speeding in the UK each year, but that is the tip of the iceberg (speeding causes about 5 thousand accidents). He was also done for using a mobile phone after the speeding incident and got banned anyway.

Ms Price had to be charged in conjunction with her ex-husband so that he could be brought to justice. It is quite obvious what happened here – he asked her to protect his ambitions and interests by taking speeding points and she acceded: he didn’t have to hit her or scream at her, she was a wife and he was a dominant man and expected her to comply. She had nothing to gain by taking the points – apart from a quiet life. It is human nature and and a feminine reaction that when, after 26 years of marriage, he did the dirty on her with his press agent, Carina Trimingham, she wanted revenge and exposed his driving offence – why the prosecution made such a meal of that in the trial is a mystery.

There should be no retrial of Vicki Pryce – too much money, resources, and time has been spent on this already. The only outcome from publicity of these proceedings against her will be an exponential increase in a defence of ‘marital coercion’, which most people didn’t know even existed!

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