Abuse of the Benefits System et al

The problem with Britain is that we don’t as a people have any common sense. We plough ahead with good ideas and well intentioned actions without also keeping our feet on the ground. We never seem to take a step back, or look at the big picture, or realise that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

How else can you explain the latest benefits headlines about a family consisting of a woman and 11 kids by 3 fathers living on the state, having a £400,000 council house built for them, and owning a horse? This is only the tip of the iceberg. Such stories arise again and again, and there is no sign of there being an end – but the defence is always the same “I’m only getting what I am entitled to. I’m doing nothing wrong”. The problem is that it is TRUE! Only the British could develop a welfare system intended to protect those in dire poverty into a monstrosity of a state juggernaut providing funding that is completely ‘open ended’, and it is so expensive that without doubt it will destroy our economy.

We used to live in a society where families were proud to be self sufficient and law abiding and fought to have the cleanest front step. We used to have women who sought to find a good man to love and bear children to, a man who would go to the end of the Earth to support them all. Now we have so many women who have unprotected sex at the drop of a hat with men they hardly know, men who take no responsibility for the offspring that result, and kids that have no respect for themselves or anything else. But we have a welfare system that they thrive in and encourages them and rewards them for every action of irresponsibility. You can have a 16 years old girl sleeping around who gets pregnant by a foreign boy and is set up by us in a 3 bed council house; which is good as she then has the accommodation to get pregnant again by a second bloke, who is quickly on his toes: Even when the two kids don’t live with her she still has the nicely furnished house we have kindly provided. Youths roam the streets armed with knives and sometimes guns and look to rob rather than look for work – but they are still fed & clothed at our expense.

We have brought in laws to help people. The Abortion Law legalised abortion in 1968. Prior to then some women had an illegal abortion or risked a ‘back-street’ abortion but in reality there were few maternal deaths. The unintended consequence of the change in the law has been that abortion has become virtually an ‘on-demand’ procedure (and for some women a method of contraception) so we now have the spectra of circa 200thousand abortions each year in UK with many hundreds of foreigners travelling to UK to have one. We relaxed the divorce laws in 1969 to help some people trapped in a loveless marriage. The unintended consequence has been an astronomical increase in divorces so we now have one of the highest rates in the world. Annually there are some 200thousand divorces, with as a consequence, families decimated, children traumatised and women left in poverty. We now have a record 2million single-parent family in Britain – I don’t think anyone intended, predicted, or wanted that when they set out to help people.

Welfare resources are currently geared up to give priority to helping ‘the most needy’ and that is the parameter used across all the agencies, and it is totally WRONG – priority should be given to helping ‘the most deserving’.

Welfare is soaking up a third of our total budget – the tail is waking the dog. The point is that the welfare state should not permit people to use it from ‘cradle to grave’ as happens just now. Apart from the disabled, it should be available for a bad period in people’s lives and not become a way of life or life choice. What other insurance pays out indefinitely even to people who have never paid in? Also, there needs to be some extra control over money paid out which can override the ‘standard’ calculations so that people cannot live in relative comfort indefinitely while the rest of society struggles (or spend our money on buying horses, drugs, gambling, booze or prostitutes). It rankles deeply that foreign nationals can find their way into this country and immediately be ‘entitled’ to all kinds of welfare benefits!

Only the British could create a National Health Service where any tom dick or harry could walk in and get free treatment. It is a bitter pill that adds insult to injury that foreigners can simply jump on a plane or in a boat and get to the UK when they want an abortion or have a baby or any other medical treatment – while we have to get medical insurance when travelling abroad, nobody coming to the UK needs to bother, just go to hospital A&E. The cost to us of such abuse £200million a year.

Only here could you have a situation where illegal workers, illegal immigrants, migrants, and failed asylum seekers are diligently sought out by the Border Agency, arrested, and at the drop of a hat are then released to disappear back into the wider community. It beggars belief that illegals don’t get deported and get away with it time and time again simply by throwing away their identification documents. We don’t know how many illegals there are but it is estimated as 300thousand to 1/2million.

The British Justice System allows over 400 overseas criminals to stay in the country including some 200 convicted murders, rapists and other criminals who are illegals but who avoid deportation because they have ‘human rights! We are also renowned for providing legal aid to ultra rich criminals, as well as allowing criminals to employ the most expensive legal teams around (at our expense).

We are barking up the wrong tree to enact tax laws to generate revenue to run the country but then allow the rich to employ devious accountants to exploit loopholes (that exist because we are trying to be nice to deserving people!) and they do not then pay the tax intended – other countries home in on both the people AND the accountants. We could be losing £10billion in tax due.

Where else could you get a prison system where career criminals are supposed to be banged up, but seem to have unlimited access to drugs and drink, and where they are given Sky television, multi-Gyms, etcetera, and live a life of Riley – yet 60,000 only serve a fraction of the intended sentence (and many then carry on offending)?

What other country pulls your leg by allowing a situation where people are paid a fortune to run something, screw up, but then are able to walk away with massive payoffs, often  into new top jobs, leaving mayhem behind them? Bad things happen but nobody takes the blame or carries responsibility, even if people die (mid Staffs 1200 deaths but no one’s to blame)

As a small nation we insist on acting above our station and our leaders proudly state that ‘we punch above our weight’. So we are the 80th largest by size and 22nd by population, but at over £40billion we have the 4th largest Defence budget in the World. Don’t be fooled by the word Defence, we are so intent on helping other nations that we will shoot off to be in a war to help other peoples and incur 100s of deaths in our military, even for nations who hate us and our standards.

The saddest example of our silly ways is that we previously fought numerous battles with our fellow Europeans, including 2 World Wars (1m British deaths WW1/400thousand British deaths WW2) to protect our society from being conquered and controlled by others. We then sold EVERTHING of value in Britain to the highest bidder – all the fighting could have been avoided if they had simply asked to buy things.


Call It A Day!

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