Passionate Wenger for the Sack?

ImageArsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is the manager of Arsenal Football Club – the Gunners

Arsenal are the arch rivals of Tottenham Hotspurs – the Spurs.

Both football clubs are located in North London. Currently Spurs are 4th in the Premier League and the Gunners 5th.

Arsenal is deemed to be one of the biggest clubs in England and in Europe, previously having won major honours (13 top League wins; 10 FA Cup wins; 2 League Cup wins; 1 European Cup win), but they are having a very bad season – again! They are proving to be non-competitive – and are about to risk going out of this year’s European Cup competition if they lose at home tomorrow night against Bayern Munich, they are out of contention in the Premier League, out of the Capital One League-Cup, and now out of the FA Cup. The manager has to be sacked unfortunately.

Wenger is an honourable man (as far as football managers go: (he does though suffer from a medical condition known as ‘selective eyesight’ – he never sees the incident when his player commits a bad foul!); he is liked, and is a well respected and excellent manager. He has been in charge at Arsenal for 17 years, outstandingly successful, but the team have won NOTHING in the past 8 years! Nothing will be won this year either by the looks of it. That is why it is time for him to go – new pastures for him and a new man in the hot seat.

He is a classy act, and has over the years assembled entertaining teams to be proud of – but the object of the game is to WIN. Wenger no longer wins. The modern football player is a money grabbing, greedy, arrogant sod, but the best of them are a vain bunch and want recognition, in addition to the £millions in their pay packet. They feel they get such credit and respect if they get international caps and win trophies – they don’t get many of the former and none of the latter these days at Arsenal. That is why Arsenal doesn’t have the really big players in their dressing room. If they buy or develop a great player, the guy leaves. Wenger in recent times can’t hang onto any of the best talent – for example before this season Arsenal sold their best and only great striker in the team, Robin van Persie to Manchester United, both ensuring ManU won the title this year and that Arsenal won nothing (where was the sense of that? The peanuts of £24M they got for the player has more than been exceeded by their financial and credibility loss in this season’s results on the field.

Wenger (a Frenchman, nickname “Le Professeur”) isn’t directly or solely responsible for the outflow of top quality players from Arsenal, or the failure to attract world class players, as the money-men play their part, but he IS responsible for the playing results, which is the prime reason top players don’t want to work for him. It doesn’t matter what happens before the end of this season – Arsenal are a busted flush and none of the world’s best players will be beating a path to their stadium door.

Napoleon said of War “don’t give me a good general, give me a lucky one” – the same principle applies in Football and that is why Arsene Wenger has to go NOW.

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