British Disaster

British Disaster

27 January 2013

Our great British country has been brought to the brink of disaster by two inexperienced aristocratic dullard mates. But they are not alone to blame. The supposedly brilliantly campaigning British press has stood idly by and colluded in the disaster, giving them credibility and the opportunity to peddle their untruths about the economy and the success of their doomed plan. The press have allowed them to successfully promote the laughable claim that the previous Government was responsible for the financial crash, when in fact it is clear that the crisis was the direct responsibility of the recklessly rich conservative bankers that also impacted and affected many other countries including America. The Press have been a disgrace.

The Labour party have been equally and deliberately ineffective in stopping the disaster develop. They have been content to throw a few brickbats from the sidelines, knowing that they don’t want to take over power yet so are content to let the Government dig themselves into a massive hole. Our country and our people are being sacrificed for cynical political advantage– the old labour leaders will be turning in their graves.

As for the disgraceful LibDems, the lust for power has demonstrated the truth that ‘’power corrupts’ and the abandonment of their principles has forced them into helping the onset of the disaster – and only now are they realising and regretting it.

At the start of this financial and human disaster, when the Cameron and Osborn pair started the austerity plan, there was a telling interview on the Television with a renowned Japanese economist who explained that Britain was heading down the same disastrous road as Japan had embarked on previously which had destroyed their economy for over a decade. He predicted that this certainly would happen to us, and it has.

You don’t have to be an economist to see we are totally in the mire. The press need to get together and galvanise forces and use the power of the press to force the Government into a u-turn. The disaster cannot now be avoided but the country needs a supreme effort to at this time start a recovery.

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