David’s Club

David’s Club

1 June 2012

George is in the ‘David’s Club’ (a founder member); Jeremy Hunt is being kept in the Club for now , but will have to leave when his usefulness runs out; Rupert Murdoch is in the Club as a secret member as is James Murdoch; some idiots thought Frederic Michel was in the Club but you don’t let lackeys into an exclusive Club do you; Andy Coulson was in the Club as a critically important & influential member, but we can’t acknowledge him any more; Rebekah Brooks is in the Club but we pretend she isn’t; Nick Clegg would like to be in the Club but keeps getting black-balled (a history of obscurity); Vince Cable should be in the Club and we pretend he is although he never will be; Sayeeda Warsi is currently in the Club as a long standing member but may have to be sacrificed soon; Ken Clarke is good for a joke member of the Club; they would love Tony Blair to be in the Club but he has other commitments; Andrew Lansley is too unwell to get in the Club; Theresa May hasn’t been told if she is in the Club or not; Michael Gove desperately wants to be in the Club but he has a lot to learn so they keep him waiting on tender hooks; Phil has given up on getting in the Club; Adam Smith thought he was in the Club – silly boy; others who want to get in the Club will be rejected and put in the Lords instead.

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