Sack Vince Cable

Sack Vince Cable

26 May 2012

There needs to be a strong & immediate campaign for the sacking of Vince Cable from Government. David Cameron has now made it quite plain that he has the fullest confidence in Jeremy Hunt and trusts him totally to behave in the correct manner in dealing with his duties despite strongly held personal views, whereas the opposite applies to Cable. Responsibility for deciding on the Sky takeover bid had to be removed from Cable because the Prime Minister could not trust him to deal with the matter fairly in light of his personal opinions. How logically can we have an unreliable’ man (a Liberal Democrat) at the heart of government in the senior role as Business Secretary while the less senior Culture Secretary (a Tory) has been ‘coerced’ into taking over one of his major duties with severe personal consequences? Cameron has to be required without further delay into doing his duty as Prime Minister and sacking Cable, even if that upsets the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

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