Sack George Osborne

The plotters are at work and there are no more successful plotters than Tory plotters. They won’t wait until after the General Election in 2015.

So David Cameron is almost finished, but he has one chance to escape. Sack George Osborn. Do it in July. Overnight he will become strong and feared. He will have stabbed a massive mate in the back and all others will dread a 1962 Macmillan type onslaught.

He will also benefit from shifting all of the blame for the destruction of the economy onto the solitary shoulders of the Chancellor.

At a stroke he will destroy the accusation of lack of leadership. He will be revered again in Parliament and in the Country. He will be able to fight the election as Prime Minister!

One thought on “Sack George Osborne

  1. I actually admire his nonsensical ramblings and find him strangely compelling, interesting and uber captivating!! Never have I seen a more inane character that is so delusional, he actually believes the stuff he spouts!! I find him synonymous with a Pantomime Villain!!


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