Speaker Unheard

Speaker Unheard

30 January 2013

Prime Minister’s Question Time continues along a disappointing but familiar path. The MPs bay and shout to drown out the man at the dispatch box. The Speaker John Bercow chastises them about their loutish behaviour – constantly using his ‘grating’favourite phrase “the Prime Minister/Leader of the Opposition WILL be heard”. He is of course completely ignored! Nothing is done about it. The Prime Minister never actually answers the questions. Nothing is done about it. If Bercow is to avoid going down as one of the worse Speakers this century he needs to exercise authority, instil fear, and regain respect. When it all kicks-off, pick on 3 of the worse constantly shouting offenders and send them out of the Chamber & bar them from PMQs for the next two sessions. Tell David Cameron “Prime Minister I don’t think you actually answered that question – please could you try again”. We live in hope.

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