Resurrection of the Test Card

Older people will know that in years gone by there was a golden age of television. In the 1950s there were only 2 channels (BBC & ITV), rising to 4 in 1982, all analogue of course, but every programme was magic. There was no such thing though as Breakfast Television or All Day & Night […]

Eastleigh Voters make History?

The by-election is upon the voters in Eastleigh – Thursday 28th February 2013. They can’t make history just by electing one of the candidates (however bizarre the choice). They will though be in the papers, on the TV & Radio, and make history if they either turn out in droves to vote, or don’t turn […]

LibDems – Clegg sacked replaced by Cable?

There can be no ‘good result’ for the LibDems over allegations of sexual misdemeanours by Lord Rennard. Irrespective of the outturn of the affair, the fact that such claims have been made against such a senior personality in the party are scandal generating. The handling in the past week of such a toxic issue has […]

Short code mobile phone telephone number 41117

Alas, one of the family has started to receive text news alerts on a mobile, despite not having subscribed to any such (or other) service. It isn’t clear yet what charges are being made to the phone account, but they will not be accepted! It appears to be some sort of scam, but if so […]

Horsemeat Not Fit For Human Consumption

The ongoing publicity about contamination of beef products with horsemeat is becoming increasingly annoying. The major issue is not that the consumer is being fleeced and defrauded, nor that the food is mislabelled, nor that it is horsemeat, it is that material is entering the food chain that is uncontrolled and uncertified as passed ‘fit […]

Plan A loses an A – Osborn heading for the Lords?

Britain George Osborn’s justification for the The Conservative led government’s disastrous austerity strategy was that it was ‘imperative’ for the Country’s economic stability to maintain a Triple-A status in the financial markets, and that his Plan A was ‘essential’ and would do just that. He lied. Cameron and Osborn took over the running of the […]

Serial Killer Escapes Justice

THE CIGARETTE The Cigarette with its accomplice in crime the Tobacco Industry has killed and killed and killed. There is nobody in the dock. The Tobacco Industry have lied and lied and lied. There is nobody in the dock. When you see a hearse or a grieving family you can bet your bottom dollar that […]

The Pryce of Justice

Unexpectedly, the trial of Vicki Price the ex-wife of ex-minister, ex-MP, about to be ex-free man Chris Huhne collapses in chaos – the jury like the rest of us couldn’t understand why they were there. How the CPS can consider it was in the public interest to pursue the action against her for taking her […]

Abuse of the Benefits System et al

The problem with Britain is that we don’t as a people have any common sense. We plough ahead with good ideas and well intentioned actions without also keeping our feet on the ground. We never seem to take a step back, or look at the big picture, or realise that we can’t see the wood […]