Those who now ‘trust’ Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ on BREXIT – EXPOSED?


In her 2 years at the head of government, with an unblemished record of ‘appeasement’ (at the EU & everywhere else), and her inexplicable embrace of mediocrity within her Cabinet, her Cabinet and other ministers biting the dust, rebellions breaking out on all sides, many many people in the Country, while admiring Theresa May’s resilience, have at times been very unsure about reliance on her honesty & integrity, haven’t they?

Now that, just before last week, because of her ineptitude and lack of spunk in dealing with the EU, inevitably, the shit has hit the fan over BREXIT, with her skulduggery self-evident, it is time to take stock of exactly ‘who’ still trusts her with BREXIT, or indeed any other bloody matter that the PM is responsible for [like NHS, Defence, the Economy, Welfare State, Tax, Law & Order, Education, Asylum & Immigration, Housing, Care for the elderly & disabled, Equality, Devolvement of Power, etc].

Can anyone believe, rely-on, or have confidence and faith, on any bleeding polished word that comes out of that lying woman’s mouth? She has been allowed to survive so far only because of the public’s lack of faith in Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, coupled with the knowledge that much of the traditional Labour vote has been alienated by the misplaced determination of the Party’s ‘Remainers’ hierarchy, so won’t turn on the Conservative party.

Many in the Country now think though, that events have shown that May, ‘couldn’t organise a bun fight in a bakery’, or ‘couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery’ (as the urban saying goes).

Below are the names exposed of those who still have faith and confidence in her leadership.

THOSE IN THE CABINET [stacked with the underperforming, the incapable, the implausible, and the tossers] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:

Theresa May

THOSE IN THE PARLIAMENTRY TORY PARTY [MPs] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


Theresa May



THOSE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS [MPs] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


Theresa May



THOSE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


THOSE IN THE UK CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATIONS [Members] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:

Maidenhead Constituency: Theresa May and Philip May

Other Constituencies:           blank


THOSE IN THE BRITISH POPULATION [Voters] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


Theresa May and Philip May




[The general view seems to be that ‘Theresa May’s’ judgement, her party management, with her lack of credence, has brought about such widespread distrust and mistrust within all elements of our Country, that to avoid destroying the public’s faith in democracy, she needs to ‘bugger-off’ NOW].




Closet “Remainer” Theresa May is in a corner, on the ropes– and simply awaiting a knockout punch?


Well, Prime Minister Theresa May, behind her BREXIT department’s back, so with David Davis, her chief negotiator with the EU, kept completely in the bloody dark, as well as misleading all those in Parliament (Leavers & Remainers alike) who had come to ‘accept’ BREXIT because that was the democratic decision of the public, surreptitiously had hidden teams of the Tory apparatchiks Establishment, self-serving civil service (ALL committed Remainers) sweating blood in back rooms and burning the midnight oil, simply to produce a White Paper proposal to scupper BREXIT once and for all, and so run-up the White Flag to Brussels.

This was going on at the same time over the past two months while Davis’ BREXIT department was preparing the White Paper in accordance with May’s stated policy (now in the bin, of course).

This is the so called “Chequers plan”, because it was at that PM’s country house in Buckinghamshire, where May sprung her latest ‘capitulation’ trap on the BREXITEERS in her Remain dominated Cabinet.

May has admitted that she has put forward her crap plans for a shit-Soft BREXIT because the EU wouldn’t negotiate [indeed HER failure and her fault], but nevertheless she naively insists that her plan is the final offer to the EU, so is ‘non-negotiable’ – dream-on Madam, eh?

Even her conditional surrender will not be accepted by the EU hardline negotiators – they will demand an “unconditional surrender”, won’t they? [requiring an unconditional surrender puts further psychological pressure on a weak adversary (the UK under May)]. When the UK’s replacement negotiator Dominic Raab (the new BREXIT secretary was Housing minister) actually gets to the Brussels table later this week, he will be told by Michel Barnier to piss-off in no uncertain terms. That will be because Britain’s plan breaches their red lines of removal of the EU’s holy grail of ‘free movement of people’; outsourcing the EU’s customs responsibilities to a UK not in the customs union; compromising the integrity of the single market; involvement of Britain as a non-member in the EU bloc’s security systems like the Galileo satellite navigation system (also under development for military and emergency services)

While May was able casually to get Cabinet agreement to her secret strategy, while they relaxed and chattered outdoors in the bright sunshine, or indoors in the sumptuous lounge, she will find it a bit more difficult to get it through Parliament itself, because when the chips are down, many Conservative MPs may well rebel (whatever the consequences?), and she can’t expect much help from the Labour ranks, as Jeremy Corbyn sees this as a ‘god-sent’ opportunity to bring this disjointed Government down, and finally purloin the keys to Number 10, eh?

There is increasing evidence that Remainers (never mind BREXITEERS) are unhappy with the plan, demonstrated by the likes of desperate unrepentant Remainer Justine Greening MP who served as a senior Minister for 8 years until last January [progressively in Treasury, Transport, International development, Education (plus Women)]. She says the proposed deal will be unworkable, and is “the worst of both worlds”.

Mind you she is calling for another referendum, despite the fact that 2 years ago the BREXIT decision was put clearly and firmly in the hands of the people, whence ‘One side WON the vote!’, didn’t it? [Note that the EU has indeed in the past employed the tactic of having a second referendum when the first gets a negative result].

However, Tory MPs may well want to save the Government, while forcing May to stand down, so that a true BREXITEER can withdraw the UKs proposed final surrender, redress the balance in Brussels, and make them understand that we will either Leave ‘Without any Deal’ OR Leave with a ‘Good Deal’ for both sides, and certainly Leave with an ‘EU One-sided Deal’ is now OFF the table.

Before the ‘unveiling’ of May’s Chequers plan, it was being widely leaked that Number 10 expected BREXIT Secretary Davis’ resignation that day [and he would have to call a cab home?], and when it didn’t happen, May thought she was ‘off the hook’ – but he had simply waited, bided his time, and then just went, so as to (successfully) achieve greater impact.

That first resignation quickly prompted exits by a further 8 MPs intent on seeing the referendum result respected – Boris Johnson (Foreign Secretary), followed by Steve Baker (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Chris Green (PPS Department for Transport), Conor Burns (PPS Foreign Secretary), just at the weekend Robert Courts (PPS Foreign and Commonwealth Office), and today even Scott Mann (PPS HM Treasury), plus and significantly (?) MPs who are Conservative Party vice-chairs Maria Caulfield (for women) and Ben Bradley (for young people), joined the resignations group.

Just why previous ‘Leader of Leave’ Michael Gove (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)is still in post, god only knows (ambition?), and more so Andrea Leadsom (Commons Leader) who is staying loyal to May despite the glaring fact that she is NOT rated by the PM, has already been demoted, and is heading back to the back benches as soon as May needs her government slot for someone else, eh?

The word on the wires is that there are that there are a couple of senior ministers at risk of joining the revolt, and as many as a dozen junior ministers across government, who might join the others [covering the Treasury, Home Office, Defence, Education, International Trade, Work & Pensions, Welsh Office, International Development]

In addition, just last month May lost Greg Hands (junior trade minister) over her proposed Heathrow expansion.

It is difficult to see how May can survive in post if she compromises-on or loses the applicable important votes due in the Commons this week, isn’t it? [eg Customs Bill tonight just scraped through by 3 votes on one vote (she had caved-in to accept the 4 (wrecking?) amendments from major BREXIT supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg]


[PM Theresa May has been astonishingly dishonest and has lied through her teeth, as everyone knows, claiming that there is no alternative to her plan, and worse still, that her plan actually is consistent with and meets the BREXIT she promised the Nation]




The London protests against a ‘disgraceful’ Donald Trump – “disgraceful”?


A previous post here Donald Trump ducks his London visit – ASHAMED?” January 13, 2018 by dadman007 outlined the general adverse attitude of people in Britain to US President Donald Trump, with some reasons why.

However, it was made plain nevertheless that while many of us don’t have any respect for the man, or what he is, or what he stands for, we should ALWAYS respect the office he holds and should formally treat him civilly with good manners and hospitality in England or elsewhere – that didn’t happen in London yesterday, did it? No, and that has been followed-on by elements of the gutter press filling their rags with abusive raging against the elected American President.

The ONLY criticism that Trump should have faced here was a muted one about his personal ‘scaredy-cat’ lack of spunk by sneaking into the UK on a so-called ‘business trip’, rather than the much more appropriate ‘State Visit’ he was offered and expected to undertake, that was followed by a derisory involvement within London (OUR Capital indeed), apparently avoiding potential demonstrations there. He would have done his image an immense favour if he had simply faced-down it all [but draft-dodgers don’t have the balls, do they?].

The UK’s image may be tarnished by the brash (but insignificant) public street demonstrations against the man, but it is really damaged by individuals overstepped the mark, like the Labour politician and elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, a Muslim who for months has been having a Twitter included, unnecessary unseemly ‘war of words’ spat with Trump (which Khan is bound to lose?).

You see Khan took umbrage and reacted scathingly to Trump’s (terrorist or was it RELIGIOUS & RACIST?) restrictions against visitors from certain Muslim countries entering the USA – now, Khan might not like the policy, but what the hell has that got to do with him anyway (or any of us Brits for that matter), because after all it is America, not Britain, and their Highest Court has deemed it to be perfectly legal there, hasn’t it? Khan also has made clear public statements that Donald Trump is ‘not welcome in London’ – he seems to think that it’s HIS city, when he is in fact only a (temporary?) incumbent as Mayor, eh? ANY American President, of whatever persuasion, or however crass, whether we like them or not, IS bloody-well welcome in London and everywhere else here, as the US are Britain’s closest (only?) ally, and we together with much of the World rely on them (even when their Presidents have their strange moments).

Trump understandably responded to Khan by pointing out (rightly?) that instead of shooting-off his mouth bigtime on matters in the US, he should do a proper job of running London, which was what he was elected to do, surely? Khan is on thin ice on keeping the Capital’s population safe, due to his “mealy-mouthed politics” and in particularly his abject failure, and slow reaction, to tackle London’s crime – with shocking violent crime figures that includes the murder rate climbing higher than New York’s, and loss of control over abounding moped gangs, those making 10s of thousands of surprise and violent attacks willy-nilly around the City [up 30 fold in 5 years, with hotspots West end, Camden, Brompton & Hans Town, St James’s, Southbank: reportedly, last year one gang carried out 30 robberies in the capital within an hour period; so, motorcycles and the like are being used in crimes involving phone snatches, gem store raids and acid attacks]. These things are happening on HIS watch, and he seems clueless on how to put a stop to it, or how to establish goals to achieve it.

[Of course, Trump has taken the opportunity to also (unjustly?) point the finger at Khan over the terrible terrorist 2017’s attacks in London (leveling the accusation that he did “a terrible job” afterwards)].

In an unseemly petty spiteful action, demeaning of his office, Mayor Khan allowed schoolboy behaviour Trump protestors, to float a large 6 feet ‘angry baby Trump in a nappy ” blimp as a figure of fun insult, over Parliament Square, no less, during his working visit to the UK [as if Donald would give a damn, anyway?]. What the hell are our elected senior civic chief executives coming to these days, eh?

Perhaps Khan could spend his time doing the much-needed things that fully demonstrate the positive qualities of followers of Islam, which is increasingly being destroyed by Isis, and the others, who are  trying to exterminate other religions and abolish our way of life, don’t you think?

What we ALL here in the UK have to appreciate, is that Donald Trump simply represents the prevailing view of (the lowest common  denominator) American electorate, because he was elected by them.

The other factor is that Trump campaigned on precisely the policies he is actually implementing – how exactly can us Brits complain about that [probably because our PM reneges on hers, eh?].


[If anyone has a grouse about the cretinous politics being implemented over the pond, it should be against the American people and their vile attitudes, and NOT simply focus on President Donald Trump, surely?]

The European Union Cup ‘BREXIT trophy’ 2019 – Britain now being ‘setup’ to lose the FINAL?


Own goals WINS!


This competition, contested by 28-member states located primarily in Europe, was established in May 2015. The Brussels’ qualifying rounds were then held until February 2016, when the British manager of the time announced to the Nation that the UK needn’t compete because he had obtained assurances that we could win without playing the match – however, the supporters didn’t believe him at all, and on 23 June 2016 voted decisively for the Country to undertake the match in two years time from then.

You see, the British supporters were sick & tired of having no control, nor say, with the EU’s unelected ADMINISTRATORS making the rules,  running football here, and all damn else in our Country, plus their Countries’ massive populations forcing uncontrolled migration here, fueled by our indulgent welfare, thereby endangering our health provision and supressing the poorer supporters’ wages, that all coupled together with their excessive annual affiliation fees.

The manager though was aghast, as was the ‘behind the scenes’ UK football administrators, who had threatened the supporters with fire & brimstone if the vote went that way, so he resigned in the huff and went off to make his fortune, pontificating around the World about his ‘self-serving’ football stint.

A new manager was ‘anointed’, but as she was someone who had served beforehand as the team boot-cleaner, and had agreed with the previous manager’s playing strategy, including indeed voting against the BREXIT match being played, many supporters didn’t believe a word of her claim that she had changed her mind and would-go on to lead the team to victory, did they?

The wet-behind-the-ears manager announced that there would ‘have’ to be a delay to the date of the Final by 9 months, as the previous manager, in an unbelievable dereliction of duty, hadn’t ordered any team kit, nor footballs, nor for that matter made any preparation whatsoever for this upcoming big match that would determine the whole future of football in Britain.

She proceeded however to stuff her team full of those who didn’t ever want to play the BREXIT match in the first place, then aided and abetted by fifth-columnists in the Club and the football administrators, she encouraged all and sundry to throw the match when the time came.

Rather than just playing the Final after 2 years, when it would be won by a ‘walkover’, whence our football within Europe would be played under World Tournament Organization (WTO) rules, the manager pronounced that she was going to negotiate a “good deal” [though ‘no-deal’ was better than a ‘bad-deal’], with the manager of the EU combined team, and therefore all supporters would get an improved outcome.

While those talks were ongoing over the past two years, she has repeatedly undermined her appointed chief scout negotiator, and [in conjunction with other traitors], starting that with allowing the EU manager to set the rules for the game as well as choosing the referee, then subsequently she has repeatedly punctured the match ball, so that the EU manager knew quite well the UK wouldn’t be able to play their game, nor the match effectively, when it was finally played (after all Britain had agreed also to stay in the federation for an extra 2 years to ongoingly pay those excessive annual affiliation fees).

In the latest turnaround of the betting book, the manager has arranged with her hand-picked first team [her latest line-up is made of 17 players who were against the Final challenge to the EU, with only 8 who actively supported it] to propose a fresh deal to the EU manager that would give him a massive 6-1 win over the UK (to the immensely pleasure of the British football hierarchy and administrators). This has caused immense anger amongst loyal Club BREXIT supporters so the Chairman and Secretary of their club has resigned in protest

However, the manager doesn’t give a sod about all that, because she (naively?) believes she can weather the storm brewing – can she? She is certainly on a card – is it Yellow or Red, though?

Meanwhile this manager is claiming, in complete contradiction of the facts, that this is precisely the ‘good-deal’ that she has always promised BREXIT supporters, time over time again, and moreover she is now (over?)-confidently indeed promising all supporters that the UK will come away from the Final with a ‘consolation’ goal – what a result, eh? ALL the football pundits with any common-sense know full well that it will NEVER happen, because the EU manager sees that her card has now been marked, and he will demand a 6-0 outcome even if he has to wait until kick-off, wouldn’t you say?


[The EU Cup Final for the iconic ‘BREXIT trophy’ kicks-off at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019 – the result (and score) will be known well before that though, and it looks as if the UK’s ambitions to win it have been utterly sabotaged by the team manager, doesn’t it?]





England soon finally ‘coming home’ defeated by Croatia in the World Cup 2018 ‘Semi Final’ – did they make the nation proud?



A post here at the time of the first game against Tunisia set the criteria for this tournament of most importantly of all though England need to play for a change in a manner that makes the nation proud – win or lose’.

Well, in the battle against Croatia in this first England semi-final for 28 years [itself a fine achievement], that was well and truly delivered last night, wasn’t it?

The nation’s high expectation of actually reaching the Final was not only realistic, but it was one that excited and unified communities around England in a manner that hasn’t been evident for many many decades – with  some 37 million men, women, and children watching the game, feeling sick with enthusiastic worry, fingers well chewed, comforting chocolate consumed, many not even serious football fans, nor understanding-of the ‘off-side rule’, eh?

The euphoria of it all was not lost in the least when the final whistle sounded at around 9.30 last night with England defeated but not crushed, because the tears were not just those of dire disappointment, but were those of fantastic pride in a team of brothers who had fought like the lions on their shirts for the win, only to be thwarted in extra time.

Oh yes, we all knew that this Croatia game was going to be a tough physical one and that’s how it turned out, but England built-up a head of steam and worked their cotton socks off, despite some very harsh tackling, and were unlucky when things didn’t go their way on the night, losing 2-1.

Perhaps the team’s bulldog spirit emanates from manager Southgate’s selection of a fifth of the squad from the less-fashionable clubs (and not in top 6 of premiership) and playing the less experienced Jordan Pickford, Kieran Trippier, Jesse Lingard, and Harry Maguire as key players, eh?

England play their last game in Russia against Belgium on Saturday [Saint Petersburg stadium 3pm] for the honour of 3rd Place, and it should be an enjoyable game to watch – certainly less stressful for us! All we ask is that they play with the same spirit and same determination, and show the rest of the World that it WILL be “It’s coming home” next time, eh?


[Not everyone had a great game last night, but they ALL can hold their heads up high – THEY DID THEIR COUNTRY PROUD, didn’t they?]



World Cup Final  15th July                 France v. Croatia


THE GOLDEN BOOT 2018 [Remaining contenders]

Rank                              Player                            Goals

1                            Harry Kane                              6


2                            Romelu Lukaku                     4


5                         Antoine Griezmann                    3


5                              Kyhan Mbappe                      3











Fumbling ‘Theresa May’ – the Prime Minister nobody wants?

  Political Grim Reaper – who’s it coming for?


Unsurprisingly, PM Theresa May’s popularity amongst Conservatives is dropping like a stone – it is negative AGAIN and is likely to get lower (as is Chancellor Philip Hammond’s  popularity). Public support for the party is suffering in tandem, so Labour are now neck-and-neck, which will be a massive worry at Tory Campaign Headquarters, not least as the latest Chequers BREXIT fiasco betrayal and ministerial resignations’ shit hasn’t yet hit the fan.

Currently the public’s perceptions of the government’s competence and unity is one of disarray, and that endangers May’s tenure at its head, surely? That is coupled with the dangerous fact that of the Government doesn’t have a majority in the Commons [LOST by May herself last June].

It seems to be highly likely that the Government will find it increasingly difficult to get its legislation through parliament as the year goes on, and that would spell disaster for the Party. It is likely that the Tories, in the current political climate, would want to avoid a General Election at all costs [because it might well result in a Corbyn government], so they are likely to favour a quick bloodless regime change [aka Thatcher’s departure?].

The one thing for sure is that the Country needs a Prime Minister at the helm who has the full support of the Party – which May certainly doesn’t, and never has had? Amongst Tory rank and file members, Jacob Rees-Mogg is favoured to be their next Leader, but the news on the wires is that currently he wouldn’t stand [he has of course no ministerial experience], but it would have to be a ‘Leaver’ and somebody NOT in the ‘current’ Cabinet (who all voted for the Chequers plan), to have any credibility, don’t you think?

As many had suspected it would, BREXIT has scuppered May and brought her closer to the moment of a leadership challenge. Her inherent weakness was fully exposed last October when out-of-the-blue, humiliatingly, she ignominiously caved in to the EU’s outrageous forty-billion-pound divorce bill demand, together with pledging the UK’s willingness to virtually STAY in the bloody EU for AT LEAST another 2 bleeding YEARS, no less? (so not a penny saved until 2021, even if then?) – we knew at the time (and said it) that it would be only the tip of the iceberg, as we now have seen.

She has come up with an overall deal that both gives-in to the business lobby, and appeases the EU’s negotiators (who without doubt will then successfully negotiate away the residual UK requirements), but stuffs the whole BREXIT vision and defies the result of the Referendum, no less?

Many of us said two years ago that feeble May wasn’t PM material (as the Conservatives knew also), but she got the job anyway in the panic environment of Cameron’s desertion and abandonment of his post, together with the shock of an unexpected BREXIT vote in defiance of their Party’s policy.

Hence, in reality she was always a temporary Prime Minister, so not long-term at all, but then last summer she was sussed-out and rejected by the electorate in a snap-election she unnecessarily called, which demonstrated her lack of judgement and marked her card – the Party will want her ditched well before another Election, won’t they?

Not only is it a deeply divided party, but May has no real allies in it, so can’t count on great loyalty at Westminster [you reap what you sow, you see?], moreover she has antagonised many many MPs, both Leavers and Remainers alike, and when the chips are down, that makes her survival very problematical, doesn’t it? She needs to be very careful as those close behind her, and the seemingly least likely, may well be the ones carrying the longest knives (as Thatcher discovered).

Many are already calling for May’s head, particularly those who feel her preposterous and damaging policy, is haemorrhage support for the party’ [as said by hard-BREXIT advocate, and seeking to topple May, sent a “no-confidence in the PM” (openly-published) letter to the 1922 committee chairman saying “her compete capitulation makes the promises made a charade intended to dupe the electorate … an insult to their intelligence”] (Hope he doesn’t expect a call with a ministerial job any time soon, eh?). Some 70% say we need a stronger PM.

It would appear that BREXITEERS will simply oppose the Chequers deal in parliament, and take no imminent action to ditch May, but the black clouds will be gathering. Within the wider party, there could be trouble ahead for May, at the September annual conference, as last year her keynote closing speech to a sceptical party was nothing short of catastrophic, when it needed to be solid and full of substance to rally the troops, especially as beforehand Jeremy Corbyn at the Labour’s do had done exactly that for his. She needs to restore grass-roots support this time round, and she could be in an exactly similar situation as before since the Labour conference again proceeds the Tories’.

Reportedly May has also lost the backing of a number of Tory party donors, some very traditional ones amongst them.


[Nobody wants you there ‘Theresa May’, so as discredited ‘David Cameron’ might have bluntly put it, ‘in the national interest’ “for heaven’s sake women, go”]





“Well, Theresa here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten BREXIT into” – ‘disastrous’ Chequers proposals?


This post follows-on from one here “Theresa May is charging towards a toxic ‘non-BREXIT’ – she has to go NOW?” posted June 17, that predicted precisely this current situation.

Many of us woke-up today thinking how could any ‘competent’ British Prime Minister get the UK into such a dire situation over BREXIT, didn’t we?

But just remember though that Theresa May is no leader, but is primarily a survivor and an appeaser, who trained under BAD-BIG-liar David Cameron, won’t you?

Cameron went off to the EU to tell them that they needed to change, and he came back to assure the British people that he had indeed achieved just that – we didn’t believe him ONE IOTA and voted significantly for ‘LEAVE’ (have you noticed ANY of the changes promised being actually implemented?).

He had orchestrated ‘project fear’ before the vote, but the people weren’t cowed by it (have you noticed ANY of the major disasters predicted being actually realized?).

He said he would be there to negotiate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, but instead immediately buggered-off to earn his millions as an ex-PM.

The difficult job of implementing BREXIT ought to have been passed to those very leaders of the BREXITEERS who had convinced the electorate of it (then only they would have been responsible for the outcome, wouldn’t they?), but May’s personal ambition overrode that sensible and necessary solution, didn’t it?

Instead, she seized the Tory Leadership (and therefore the Premiership) with the grandiose-lie that SHE was a good negotiator and best able to upstage the EU (as many of us knew and said at the time, that was a crass joke, as events have proved, eh?).

For the past 2 years she has been backsliding on BREXIT and allowed the bullying EU to completely run the show. At every crossroads and at every battle encounter, she has surrendered to them and given-up valuable ground while achieving NOTHING in return [while completely undermining our negotiator David Davis right from the start when she allowed them to set the schedule and later the NI border provisions (how the hell he has stuck with it, god on knows – he has though had rows and threatened to resign on a number of occasions?)].

Last Friday she had an awayday for a ‘crunch-meeting’ of the Cabinet at Chequers to agree yet another ‘white-flag’ surrender proposal to the EU (the worse yet, eh?] that basically terminates a real BREXIT in its tracks. Nobody who is a BREXIT vision supporter could really believe in May’s new unprecedented ‘give-away’ proposals, would they?

Well, you might wonder though just how she got this through, perhaps? The answer is that right from the outset, she has stacked her Cabinet (including the great offices of State) with Remainers, so the BREXITEERS can be voiced or voted down.

[The Great Offices of State in the United Kingdom are the four most senior and prestigious posts in the British government. They are the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary]

Here is the ‘current’ Theresa May’s UK Cabinet of 25 [Remainers 17, Leavers 8]

Prime minister Theresa May, First Secretary of State ‘David Lidington’, Chancellor ‘Philip Hammond’, Home Secretary, ‘Sajid Javid’, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Brexit Secretary ‘Dominic Raab’, Defence secretaryGavin Williamson’, Health & Social Care Secretary ‘Matt Hancock,’ Justice secretary ‘David Gauke’, Education secretary ‘Damian Hinds’, Trade Secretary ‘Liam Fox’, Business Secretary ‘Greg Clark’, Environment Secretary ‘Michael Gove’, Transport secretary ‘Chris Grayling’, Communities & Housing secretary ‘James Brokenshire’, Lords leader ‘Baroness Evans’, Scotland Secretary ‘David Mundell’, Wales Secretary ‘Alun Cairns’, N. Ireland Secretary ‘Karen Bradley’, International development & Women and Equalities Secretary ‘Penny Mordaunt’, Culture Media & Sport Secretary ‘Jeremy Wright’, Work & Pensions secretary ‘Esther McVey’, Minister Without portfolio (Party Chair) ‘Brandon Lewis’

Not much need for May to ‘railroad’ her latest crass proposals through that bunch, do you think?

It was somewhat incredulous to us ordinary people how that Chequers Cabinet meeting broke-up without immediate resignations – of which Brexit Secretary David Davis delayed his until midnight Sunday (reportedly vividly justifying the delay in that Chequers was an ambush from which he would have had to machine-gun his way out!). Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary followed-up with his resignation yesterday afternoon, despite the EU issue not being central to his job, BUT he had been the BIG beast and face of LEAVE, so he could hardly see BREXIT go down the pan without a personal fight with May, could he?

Other resignations have followed but not of Cabinet ministers [not that many Leavers left in it now though, are there?] But how ‘fronting’ Leavers Michael Gove (head of the bleeding campaign), or Andrea Leadsom (Leader of the House of Commons but non-Cabinet for some reason?) can continue to serve under May with any honour whatsoever, is a mystery to the rest of us – career before principles?

Some will have it that May has overplayed her hand disastrously because her proposals not only overturn the LEAVE verdict of the referendum, but it reneges on her Lancaster House speech, as well as breaching the last Conservative election manifesto on which her current mandate rests.

ONLT TIME WILL TELL if she can ride the storm brewing, but the Tories are risking a Labour government under Corbyn

We don’t need to trawl-through all the detail of May’s Chequers Plan as we can get the main gist of it courtesy of Martin Howe, QC (Chairman of Lawyers for Britain, a leading barrister in the fields of intellectual property and EU law)], in his memorandum on the matter (his very last point reproduced below)

  • These proposals therefore lead directly to a worst-of-all-worlds “Black Hole” Brexit where the UK is stuck permanently as a vassal state in the EU’s legal and regulatory tar-pit, still has to obey EU laws and ECJ rulings across vast areas, cannot develop an effective international trade policy or adapt our economy to take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit, and has lost its vote and treaty veto rights as an EU Member State. 


[‘Theresa May’ has shown us that she cannot now be trusted to deliver ‘BREXIT’. She needs to stand-down ‘without a fight’ and hand the PM baton to ‘Boris Johnson’, who has only 262 days to force the EU into an acceptable deal, of take the UK out of the bloody EU without one (trade under WTO terms will be fine)]





World Cup 2018 ‘Semi Final’ England will encounter Croatia – time for sensible reflection?



Without doubt England reached this semi-final, after 28 years of failures to do so (1990 – Paul Gascoigne’s ‘tears’ game), with nothing less than a full quota of luck [that included a crazy tournament when most the main contenders inexplicably fell by the wayside – Germany [Rank 1] bottom of their Group when taken out by South Korea & Mexico; in the Round of 16 we had Portugal [Rank 4] taken out by Uruguay, and Argentina [Rank 5] taken out by France, and Switzerland [Rank 6] taken out by Sweden; followed by the Quarters when Brazil [Rank 2] were taken out by Belgium (who now become another semi-finalist).

This game on Wednesday evening (Luzhnikj Stadium Mosow) is going to be a real big test and England’s greatest challenge so far in Russia, as Croatia [Rank 18] will make a formidable and experienced opponent, not least because of their improved form in Russia. They soundly won all 3 of their Group matches (including thrashing Argentina 3-0), but in the knockouts they won only on penalties in both the Round of 16, and the Quarter-final, though in all their games they have gained very high percentage possession.

Well, perhaps England’s performances have been a bit more problematical (including a loss, a somewhat lucky win, and a win on penalties), but certainly in the clean sheet win against Sweden in the Quarters, there were clear signs that the team are at last capable of high achievement – which is a welcome respite after the embarrassment of the last tournament, eh? [2016 Euros].

Expectations, are now rightly higher than ever, but at least they are reasonably justified, whereas before they perhaps verged on irrationally, with unwarranted choruses of “Football’s Coming Home” being belted out around the country?

We can expect a tough physical game against Croatia, and indeed at this World Cup their pure aggression on the pitch has resulted in 12 YELLOW CARDS, so they now top that table [although they haven’t had a player suspended (well 4 countries have)], while England have hit 5 yellow cards (Kyle Walker, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Jordan Henderson, Jesse Lingard, Harry Maguire).

[All these cars are now wiped of course so no player can miss the Final through card accumulation]

Hugely talented Croatia fields a world-class playmaker axis of Real Madrid’s Luka Modric and Barcelona’s Ivan Rakitic [and with Modric now playing further forward to provide killer passes], their influence must rightly be feared. In attack they have a prolific goal scorer in Mario Mandzukic of Juventus with 31 goals total (including 5 goals in the qualifiers and 1 goal in these finals), while behind the defence, Monaco’s Danijel Subasic is pretty untouchable in goal.

Now, England may well have a very young inexperienced side, but nevertheless it come also with youthful confidence and a number of very talented players – like defenders veteran Ashley Young and newbie Trent Alexander-Arnold, or midfielders Jordon Henderson (who many of us thought should have been captain) and Del Ali, apart from world class and lethal striker Harry Kane (captain here), of course?

[No doubt, manager Southgate will persist with his favourite ‘non-scorer’ striker Sterling in the line-up, despite the ongoing excesses of missed chances, with only 2 goals in 42 matches over the past 6 years – by the law of averages he is bound to score ‘sometime’? (then Southgate will say he’s been vindicated by keeping faith, eh?)]

England certainly can win this semi-final, and at 90 minutes, forty percent of people think so too, against just a quarter in favour of Croatia [the bookies give odds of England around 11/8 and for Croatia around 5/2].

In 2 days’ time, against Croatia, Kane has to show a high level of effectiveness (missing against Sweden), and the defence must show more concentration than they have done so far in this tournament (missing again against Sweden), otherwise England will suffer the sucker punch at this twelfth hour, wouldn’t you say?


[If England do meet the nation’s hopes to win this game, they will have done themselves proud as well as proved themselves, so will have no reason to fear anyone in Sunday’s Final, will they?]

Semi-Final rules

If, after 90 minutes, a match ends in a draw, extra time of two periods of 15 minutes each will be played. If the score is level after extra time, penalty kicks will be taken to determine the winner in accordance with the procedure described in the Laws of the Game.

[The first Semi-Final is between France [Rank 7] and Belgium [Rank 3] Tuesday evening.

The second Semi-Final is between England [Rank 13]  and  Croatia [Rank 18] Wednesday evening].

(all Rankings all pre June at time of squad selections)

THE GOLDEN BOOT 2018 [Remaining contenders]

Rank                              Player                            Goals

1                            Harry Kane                              6


2                            Romelu Lukaku                     4


5                         Antoine Griezmann                    3


5                              Kyhan Mbappe                      3


World Cup Finals’ progression

Semi Finals              France v. Belgium

                                  England v. Croatia

The winning 2 teams to progress

Final                              15th July






England faced Sweden in World Cup 2018– what a surprisingly WONDERFUL ending to a ‘Quarter Final’?


Today, in the two Quarter-Finals  Sweden [Rank 17] are OUT as are Russia [Rank 66] (yesterday, in the first two Quarter-Finals  Ukraine [Rank 17] and Brazil [Rank 2]) were OUT)

The feelings of English football fans ‘before’ this afternoon’s tussle with Sweden can best be summed-up by the quote I don’t think us as a nation will get a better chance of gong all the way to the final” [Steven Gerrard (former England captain at 2 World-Cup tournaments, 115 caps over 15 years)].

In advance, this match looked as if it would be one of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object (as the paradox goes).

You see, England [Rank 13] tend to play ‘possession’ football, even in defence to carry the ball forward, try to play fast football, and relentlessly attack creating scores of goal chances. By contrast Sweden [Rank 23[  (format 4-4-2) play more in the ‘defensive style’ of fifty years ago with its overriding priority to clear lines at all costs, are extremely patient, so only rarely are they able to safely mount a counter-attack [hence the cynics thinking that Sweden’s very poor strikers (?) wouldn’t even get a goal today – so it transpired, but not like that really]

England’s young confident exciting team were expected to stay calm, take the chances created, and do better than others (like Mexico, Switzerland, and even Germany) in breaking down Sweden’s incredibly hard defence, that has shown incredible united collective effort and organisation, so far.

Well, it was indeed quite like that this afternoon, with Sweden’s double 4 trench of defence constantly thwarting England and frustrating their open-play attacks – nevertheless England got the breakthrough (unexpected?) with another set-piece goal (their 8th, a header from a corner) after half an hour, which understandably settled the team and meant they came out for the second half with their self-esteem up.

Then England had a session when they were completely dominant over Sweden and that almost inevitably brought about a well-deserved ‘open play’ second goal with a header-in from a sweeping cross.

There were a number of occasions though during the match when England fans had their hearts in their mouths as our defence went missing, giving Sweden clear chances of getting back into the game, and goalkeeper Pickford remarkable super-saves were at times the only thing that kept England on top [fully justifying manager Southgate’s ongoing faith in him – however, it is a mystery to many of us as to why he keeps his favourite Sterling in his line-ups despite the guy consistently missing finishing chances galore in front of goal (and committing petty fouls elsewhere)?].

Captain Harry Kane was definitely on the park today but seemed absent, so this was no-way a Golden Boot award display, was it?


[The team performance today was the best yet and was credible for a change, so there should definitely be great hope for a result in the semi-final, surely?]


[The first Semi-Final is between France [Rank 7] and Belgium [Rank 3] Tuesday evening.

The second Semi-Final is between England [Rank 13]  and  Croatia [Rank 18] Wednesday evening].


(Rankings all pre June at time of squad selections)

THE GOLDEN BOOT 2018 [Remaining contenders]

Rank                              Player                            Goals

1                            Harry Kane                              6


2                            Romelu Lukaku                     4


5                         Antoine Griezmann                    3


5                              Kyhan Mbappe                      3


World Cup Finals’ progression

Semi Finals              France v. Belgium

                                  England v. Croatia

The winning 2 teams to progress

Final                              15th July






Russia World Cup 2018 ‘Quarter Final’ England will face Sweden – how are the odds looking?


(Today, in the first two Quarter-Finals:  Ukraine [Rank 17] are OUT, as are  Brazil [Rank 2])

There is much elation that England has at long last reached the Quarter finals of the World Cup, not least as a result of winning in a penalty shoot-out for the very first time ever, eh?

People are getting carried-away though, aren’t they? Yep, they think England are indeed heading for the Final (wishful thinking?), and they do that by simply ignoring how our team has done so far (performances which have NOT been impressive), don’t you think?

In that last game (a last 16 knockout against Columbia), we may have won, but NOT well, as the overall team performance was inadequate so anything but world-class, drew 1-1, and again we MISSED a penalty in the decisive shootout (despite the players having been physiologically assessed?) – it just happened that the other side missed two (so England won the tie).

In their previous game England lost 1-0 while fielding the second XI, so that gives little self-assurance, does it?

Furthermore, as that was against ‘high potential’ Belgium, who playing with confidence (no wonder – they haven’t lost in 18 games, eh?) have tonight just KO’d favourites mighty Brazil 2-1, its seems to be that Southgate’s decision not to test his ‘real’ team against them at Group level was a sadly missed opportunity to dent their record, wouldn’t you say?

In the game before that, England were playing a very poor side, indeed scored 5 goals in the first half, but were pretty abysmal in the second half (fell asleep to concede a goal, but won 6-1 after a fluke Kane goal he knew nothing about).

In the first game in Russia, England won 2-1 in a very scrappy match but only then at the twelfth hour, with some luck it must be said.

Just to make two points, England have conceded a goal in EVERY game so far, and squandered scores of goal chances, so that doesn’t auger well for a team hoping to challenge for the trophy, does it?

Nevertheless, England do have a ‘reasonable’ chance to reach a semi-final tomorrow afternoon, as we are playing Sweden, and they are only of a ‘similar’ class to England [though many will rate them as the underdog], so it will depend on who performs best on the night, don’t you think?

England’s players and manager have a level of confidence that hasn’t matched the actual happenings on the pitch, and it would be folly to underestimate Sweden [as France, Italy Switzerland, Mexico seem to have done in the past, eh?]. Sweden are probably starless these days, now that Zlatan Ibrahimović has retired, but nevertheless they gel as a well organised team.

However, England do have the players to break-down that strong Swedish defence, but there has been sparse demonstration of that over these past two plus weeks in Russia, unfortunately?

[England are generally given about a fifty percent chance of winning this one at 90 minutes, and Sweden about twenty-five percent!

 (Bookies odds are around 10/11 England & 4/1 Sweden. England odds of actually winning the competition have been slashed from 16/1 at the start to 4/1 now)].


[The first Semi-Final is between France lRank 7] and Belgium [Rank 3] Tuesday evening.

If England win tomorrow they will play Russia [Rank 66]  or Croatia [Rank 18] in the second Semi-Final Wednesday evening].


(Rankings pre June at time of squad selections)

THE GOLDEN BOOT 2018 [Remaining contenders]

Rank                              Player                            Goals

1                            Harry Kane                              6


2                         Romelu Lukaku                          4


3                          Antoine Griezmann                   3


4                           Denis Cheryshev

                                    Russia                                  3

4                              Artem Dzyuba

                                      Russia                                3

4                              Kylian Mbappe                       3


World Cup Finals’ progression

Quarter Finals          France = A

 Russia v. Croatia = B

Belgium = C

Sweden v. England = D

Semi Finals               Winner A v. Winner C

Winner B v. Winner D

The winning 2 teams to progress

Final                              15th July