You may WELL have voted for BREXIT [et vous ne regrette rien], but your vote will count for NOTHING – no ‘PEOPLE’S democracy here in Britain nowadays?


The powers that be and the Establishment in the UK were flummoxed when the people voted in June 2016 to openly defied them in favour of BREXIT.

However, when they had overcome their bewilderment, they simply concluded that with time, because they knew best [mainly for themselves, their class, and their commercial interests), that they would simply overturn that ‘silly & ill-informed’ decision by morons, when sufficient water had flowed under the bridge (just as many of us predicted at the time) – so after 2 years that point has been well and truly reached now, hasn’t it?

Yep, the vision has been abandoned, the UK’s negotiating position undermined, returning control of our laws in any real sense certainly not enacted, and a mockery made of politicians’ BREXIT promises to deliver on the mandate of the referendum result, as well as reneging on the Tory manifesto commitment to leave the EU customs and single markets. We will forever now be rule-takers, accepters without any say of the EU’s rulebooks, and with disputes ultimately adjudicated by the ECJ (European court of justice.) – DOES THAT SOUND LIKE ‘BREXIT’ TO ANYONE, eh?

Oh yes, because of these current unwarranted events, 2 senior Ministers, who indeed were most behind the population’s BREXIT Referendum vote, have duly resigned (Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary, & David Davis BREXIT Secretary), but hardly with much honour as they have singularly failed to halt Remainer PM Theresa May in her tracks, haven’t they? But then there are other major Leave players who with unprecedented astounding dishonour, have chained themselves to their Cabinets desks (Michael Gove Environment Secretary & Andrea Leadsom Leader of the House, just to mention two).

Most people will know that the EU [well Germany and France anyway] are also desperate to avoid a NO-DEAL scenario [though not as desperate as the UK’s traitorous betrayal Remainers, eh?], so they are likely to offer a late ‘fudge-style’ Deal that would allow PM Theresa May to save face on her (abandoned) red lines – it would mean postponing key decisions, and with the UK still legally leaving the EU on schedule, whilst deferring many of the major issues for further negotiation during the 21-month so-called ‘transition period’ [even prominent Remainers are aghast at that prospect].

That will be justified on the basis that there is now insufficient time available to negotiate all details of the UK’s future relationship with the EU [and Michel Barnier WILL blame solely the UK for that and not Brussels bureaucrats’ intransigence, won’t he?].

Oh yes, that would indeed be a blind BREXIT and you can bet your bottom dollar that the EU would simply return to their ‘non-negotiable’ bullying agenda [aided and abetted of course by the UK’s ‘unmoveable’ pro-EU camp], so to all intents and purposes Britain would STILL be in the EU (just not-represented and without a vote or membership privileges, and be excluded from current third-country deals, eh?). Moreover, while a declaration on a trade and relationship would remain ‘non-treaty’, so suitably vague, you can be sure that details of future UK payments into the EU, together with the Irish border arrangements, and citizens’ rights will be firmly and legally fully nailed down, can’t you? [How can Britain take part in a meaningful negotiation having already left the room, eh?]

The other side of the coin comes with a report from a former Harvard economist and entrepreneur, that countries which do NOT have a trade deal with the EU and rely on WTO rules, strongly outperform their rivals – the implication being that a true BREXIT would turn Britain into an economic powerhouse, no less? Exports by the UK to 111 countries outside the EU under WTO rules grew by 2.9% in the 22 years prior to 2016 – more than 3-times greater than the 0.9 percent growth in exports to EU countries and 1% higher than trade with the 62 countries which have trade agreements with the EU, which demonstrates just that, doesn’t it? [Assessments made by the Treasury on a so called NO DEAL, suggesting it was the worst option, have been branded as “dishonest, incompetent and shamelessly partisan”].

Now, that is why many of us have said from the outset, that Britain will thrive long-term [that is something the EU bureaucrats are horrified by), so NO-DEAL is by far the BEST and ONLY outcome we should be seeking in Brussels. Not only would the UK not be bound by EU rules nor committed to agree to its red tape and regulations, but we would be able to strike other lucrative free trade deals around the world, as well as the UK Treasury collecting £80 billion a year in extra revenue, and that in addition to saving £40 billion in ongoing EU fees – all that’s not chicken-feed, is it?

The Chequers deal proposed by spineless leader May (she has folded on every issue of substance) and her government, makes a mockery of the Referendum population’s demands to properly leave the EU, and instead is proposing a BREXIT in name only. Moreover, her officials (no doubt with the ‘real’ BREXIT secretary civil servant Olly Robbins in charge) are diligently working on even further plans to stretch the transition period, keeping the UK under EU rules, maintain single market regulations and tariffs until the end of 2021

Any BREXIT deal will face a parliament in which the majority were Remainers, so might still have had hopes either for the softest BREXIT possible or no BREXIT at all, but many are increasingly scared now of voter retribution if that indeed results – so what happens if the Conservative plan collapses, the Government is unable to get through the House of Commons whatever deal it might negotiate with the EU (if it actually manages to negotiate one at all)? NOBODY KNOWS, do they?

Meanwhile, Project Fear has returned and is again running at full-tilt, with predictions that includes dire consequences, a national crisis, chaos on all fronts, an economic shock of seismic proportions, capital fleeing the City, a run on the pound, ports & airports gridlocked, shortfall of critical medicines and the need to stockpile medicines, a food supply crisis akin to WW2, together with major health risks in the offing (including STDs like super gonorrhoea superbug spreading), a shortage of EU skilled workers, – what a load of garbage, eh?


[‘Theresa May’ is peddling the type of garbage we saw from her predecessor ‘David Cameron’, by expecting the British people to swallow lying assertions that EU negotiations have succeeded. Apparently, she is publishing an election style flyer saying just that, to be delivered to households by Conservative associations – is she planning yet another election, another referendum, or what?]



Muslims have been welcomed into our British society but we don’t want to see the ‘burka’ or ‘niqab’ here thanks – BAN THOSE NOW?



They say that ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has stirred-up a hornet’s nest by ridiculing the wearing of the ‘full face veil’ burka – what a load of tosh, eh?

The anti-Boris crowd, egging-on elements of the sensational press, are making a mockery of what was a sensible and balanced article that Johnson wrote [about Denmark in fact] in his Daily Telegraph newspaper column, by selecting just a few sentences he wrote, when in expressing his surprise and disagreement that the Danes had banned the burka, he added though the burka was both oppressive and ridiculous, and he then backed that up by saying it was absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes, and that if a constituent came to his MP’s surgery with her face obscured, he would feel fully entitled to ask her to remove it so that he could talk to her properly, or if a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber then ditto.

What in heaven’s name is wrong in that opinion and fair comment? NOTHING at all, yet those gunning for Johnson are labelling him the pariah, as Islamophobic, as a racist, as making demeaning and derogatory comments, being offensive to Muslim women, and god knows what else, eh? They are making mischief by misrepresentation, when he was engaging in a legitimate debate, wasn’t he?

Once again, the Tory government are taking the public for fools, for we aren’t hoodwinked at all and easily recognise that this is totally politically motivated and a cynical attempt to sideline him.

Well, ‘non-entity’ Party chairman Brandon Lewis, was quick out of the traps in ordering (without authority) the former foreign secretary to apologise, but only to be rebuffed naturally. [One would have thought that Lewis himself would have been well advised to keep his own head down following his shameful cheating in the Commons before the recess last month, when he voted although ‘pared’, on two critical knife-edge amendment votes, although he clearly knew well that he wasn’t allowed to be involved (a dreadful breach of trust for which he has failed to provide any credible explanation)]. If May has any commonsense left, Lewis should be out of his Government job before the party conference in Birmingham in some seven weeks time, eh?

Then we see Scot Ruth Davidson (MSP), a mere medium size fish in a small pond (supposedly a potential rival to Johnson for the UK Tory leadership – oh yea?) idiotically suggesting the whole body covering burka was the equivalent to Christians wearing  a small crucifix around their neck  – what planet is she on, eh?

It all smacks of intolerance and censorship and reflects resurgent forces in modern society for oppression and control of the masses.

Now, there are three tribes of anti-Boris fighters on the loose, all of who have been stoking the media fire to ramp-up opposition to him, and not one of them will likely have read his actual article, which essentially was making a ‘liberal’ case against imposing a burka ban.

First of course, there is the Labour Opposition who will jump on any passing bandwagon to denigrate the Tories, and especially so if it diverts public and media attention from their own major problems of antisemitism allegations, that just won’t go away? However, they are so lost in the hard-left wilderness that they couldn’t win a political battle if ALL their opponents surrendered, eh?

Second, there is the extra large war party of Remainers, from all camps, who at the pre-battle before the skirmish at Chequers, had captured and enslaved PM Theresa May, so are on the verge, they think, of achievement of their endgame of staying within the confines of their beloved EU. However, head of the BREXIT cohort, Johnson is now on the loose, having escaped the constraining shackles of Cabinet collective responsibility, and he has the ability to rain on their betrayal parade any time he chooses, doesn’t he? Yep, so they see this as a god-sent opportunity to undermine his authority, demean him in the eyes of his troops, and banish him from future hostilities – they can dream-on, can’t they?

Thirdly, there are the Party leadership plotters who have seen Johnson suddenly leapfrog over all others, to be ‘once again’ the favoured candidate for the job when/if it becomes available – and that might well be the case ‘very soon’ for Mrs May as many in the grass roots have reached the conclusion that enough is enough, haven’t they?

So we get the likes of former Tory joint-chair Sayeeda Warsi, the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet, accusing Boris of Islamophobia, of potentially inciting hate crime, and of blatantly making yet another leadership bid – now this is the very person who over a decade ago was denounce as being herself homophobic [then again of course ISLAM has form when it comes to that, doesn’t it? Extreme prejudice still persists, both socially and legally in much of the Islamic world against those engaging in homosexual acts – most Muslim-majority countries have opposed moves to advance LGBT rights at the United Nations, and a few years ago, 51 Muslim states even blocked gay and transgender organizations from attending a high level AIDS prevention meeting].

Of course, IF Warsi had been a Christian, she would have known the Bible teaching Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye Mathew 7:5

Even Theresa May herself, being tactically stupidly, joined in the ‘screw-Boris’ bout of frenzy and hysteria [‘supposedly’ about him insulting Muslims?) and she publicly demanded he apologised (for speaking his mind – god forbid, eh?). She knows full well that it is not the role of a PM to tell backbenchers where to get off – though she doesn’t even seem capable of doing that within her own Cabinet, does she?

She has stupidly trashed the Conservative party – and it won’t forgive her.

Oh yes, she has an axe to grind because she is well aware that she is on thin ice at home with her proposed ‘non-BREXIT’ proposal (the Country wants out and properly OUT), and if the EU Commission rejects her last gasp Chequers plan (as Michel Barnier will insist), her days in Number10 look finished anyway (however much of a survivor she thinks she is).

Although someone else will probably wield the knife (Jacob Rees-Mogg?), it is Boris Johnson who is poised and ready, to Churchillian like save the day for the British people, so her meaningless attack on him will backfire and simply propel him faster into post as Prime Minister – this has shown-up her abysmally poor judgement, her inability to deal with confrontations, and her lack of essential leadership qualities, don’t you think?

[One bit of good news though, is that as a result of Johnson’s burka comments, pain-in-the- arse ‘BREXIT saboteur’ and pseudo-Frenchie Dominic Grieve says he would leave the Conservative Party if the former foreign secretary ever becomes leader – BRING IT ON we say, eh?]

There is a fundamental problem that we are facing in Britain and it is that there are destructive elements in our society which are constantly trying to undermine and terminate our basic right to “free speech”(of which ridicule and insult are historically long-standing bed-fellows), and when amongst other things, in particular there must be no criticism whatsoever voiced of ISLAM, nor Muslins themselves

That applies, however extreme its teaching becomes, nor how despicable and scandalous the behaviour of individuals [which has included gangs and rings of predominately Pakistani origin, involved in the grooming and child sexual exploitation of thousands upon thousands of vulnerable young white girls (Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Burnley, Dewsbury, Halifax, High Wycombe, Leeds, Leicester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford) – while the police turn a blind eye, frightened of being accused of racism, and the Government through political correctness are playing it down and are in denial of it being a major issue] – to say nothing about the ongoing threat to our society from the hundreds of Muslim extremists in our midst intent on destruction of our way of life.

Stepping out of line, speaking-out, and saying that something HAS TO BE DONE, or that the Muslim community THEMSELVES must step-up to the mark and be counted, would these days certainly get one labelled by the liberal brigade and human-rights nutters, as racist and Islamophobic wouldn’t it? Yep, and that will apply to even those of us who are supportive of Muslims, have made friends in their community, and seek for them to have safe haven here in the UK, doesn’t it?

There are already major tensions being created within our communities, and that inevitably will lead to an unprecedented degree of hatred unless resolved, won’t it?

First, let’s be straight about one point, shall we? The burka and the niqab, full-face veils style Islamic dress, have no place whatsoever in British society and they should be totally or partially banned forthwith (a partial ban is supported by 80% of the population). It is a form of dress that is ‘deliberately’ provocative to our society, it is ‘anti-social’, and is insultingly offensive to our British values.

Other countries have taken already action to protect their own cultures and societies from destructive ISLAM provocation. The burka and niqab are:

  • fully banned: in France (2004); Belgium (2011); Chad (2015); Cameroon in five provinces (2015); Diffa, Niger (2015); Brazzaville, Congo, (2015); Tessin, Switzerland (2016); Denmark (2018)
  • partially banned in the Netherlands (women cannot have their faces covered in schools, hospital and on public transport); the Italian town of Novara (2010 women had to stop wearing a full veil); parts of Catalonia, Spain (the country’s Supreme Court ruled against a ban in some areas in 2013, but a year later the ECHR ruled that the ban should be continued; Turkey (a full ban was abandoned in 2013, but now it is still barred for workers in the judiciary, military and police)]

Not only does the-burka serve as a barrier between women and society which prevents them from playing a full part in it, but it alienates other men, women and children, who are either extremely uncomfortable with it, or understandably even scared, because of the vile actions of Islamic terrorists.

To successfully interact with each other, human beings must be able to see each other’s faces and read their expressions, because that’s how our Western society works, isn’t it?

The Muslim veil is the symbol of segregation, oppression, and of a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, work, moral authority, social privilege and control of property, while women are kept down and subservient. Just wearing it implies that females (even as children) must be fully covered-up to protect the community from their womanly wiles – you see, even showing their faces represent a grave danger to men and society, eh? Surely, that is something that we cannot accept in any British community, is it?

No, and the majority of the population (60%?) are increasingly in favour of a total ban of wearing that kind of garb in a public place, aren’t they? Yep, but democracy in the UK doesn’t work and the will of the people doesn’t count one iota, does it? NO, and the libtards useful idiots  insist we are all reactionaries and extremists, that a ban would be Islamophobic, it would cause violence, it would be un-British. Well, WHAT IS ‘UNBRITISH’ is actually sticking two fingers up to our society and values by wearing the burka in the first place, isn’t it? Furthermore, the risk of violence on our streets would ONLY result from ill-informed Muslim women cocking a snoot at British law and deciding they are above it, wouldn’t it?.

The problem arises only because of the retrogressive, religious, extremism of militant Islamic clergy, who have brainwashed ill-informed Muslims, saying that the ISLAM religion requires women to cover their faces, when in reality there is nothing of the kind, no Koranic legitimacy for the burka at all,  but instead it is just a toxic tyrannical subterfuge for the controlling of women.

While the majority of Muslims here are model citizens, the root root of the problem is that too many Muslims have come to our Country [of the 3million living in Britain (mostly in England) over half of them weren’t born here], but they won’t integrate nor accept that they have to adapt to our culture, and instead they demand that we the indigenous population conform to theirs, and they want to impose their country of origin’s religious  ethos on our Christian and enlightened one, and that includes promoting alien and unacceptable attitudes towards women and moreover aggressive discrimination against other faiths, and not least creating a closed environment whereby hundreds of young men and women are being radicalised right here on British soil.

Well there is a short answer to that one – if you don’t like it here don’t emigrate here, and don’t dare try to change things or us – instead if you have come here uninformed, why don’t you just return to an environment that makes you happier?

This situation with a substantial and growing population of Muslims has further compounded the problem we are facing in the UK in that, to all intents and purposes, intended ‘multiculturalism’ has failed miserably, because all the different communities persist on living their separate lives in segregation, and that is causing rapid deterioration in relationships between them.

There are absolutely NO estimates on how many Muslim women in the UK actually wear the Burka or niqab, but is likely to be low as it is fairly uncommon.

[Modest Muslim women have other ‘acceptable in British society’, forms of Islamic hijab ‘covering up dress’, that leaves the face free (al-amira, shayla, khimar, chador), so there is no need for them to force a conflict within our society]




Imprisonment without trial – the UK’s mortgage “affordability” scandal?



There is a tribe of some 150thousand home owners who are held as ‘mortgage prisoners’ by their lenders’ eye-wateringly high interest rates – locked-into standard variable rate (SVR) of around 5% from a time when Bank Rate even went as low as 0.25%. [and with standard mortgage rates soaring way above the UK base rates it represents a a mortgage ticking time bomb in the UK – with huge risk of arrears and repossessions].

A 100thousand of the this tribe are victims, through no fault of their own, but because their mortgage was sold-on to an organisation which isn’t at all authorised to offer new mortgage deals [a private equity or investment company (the likes of who snapped-up failure Northern Rock’s mortgages). Then there are an estimated 30,000 long-standing mortgage customers, who mostly took out their deal before the 2008 financial crisis, but who now are entirely unable to switch to a cheaper mortgage – despite being up to date with payments

That CAN’T be right, can it? That CAN’T be fair, can it? That CAN’T be justified, can it? NO, NO, and NO, but nevertheless it happened and STILL is happening today, isn’t it?

You see, it is all down to tough new mortgage rules primarily introduced 4 years ago by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a regulator organisation intended to maintain the integrity of the financial markets in the UK.

[Although nominally independent, the FCA is in fact ‘accountable’ to the Treasury (i.e. Chancellor), which itself is ultimately responsible for the UK’s financial system and to Parliament].

Under scissorhands Chancellor George Osborne’s tenure, major changes to the mortgage market followed the City regulator’s mortgage market review (MMR) and were introduced to stop irresponsible lending, to focus-in on ‘affordability’, and so avoid the grave mistakes of the past. That move in the making of mortgage prisoners was further compounded by the blooming oppressive EU’s Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) regulation of 2016 that set the UK minimum regulatory requirements of consistency in mortgages for residential property.

The term “shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted” comes to mind though, doesn’t it?

[The US subprime ‘mortgage crisis’ (involving lending to those with impaired credit records) was ‘caused’ by hedge funds and banks creating ‘mortgage’-backed securities, whence the insurance companies covered them with credit default swaps. Demand for mortgages led to an asset bubble in housing, and when interest rates went UP, adjustable mortgage rates skyrocketed, which sent home prices plummeting, and borrowers defaulting – thence followed the 2007 banking crisis, the 2008 financial crisis, and then the great Recession (the worse since the Great Depression of 1929)]

Plus perhaps, the other edict “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” is also applicable in this situation, because not only has the MMR quite rightly halted in their tracts the lenders of astounding stupidity, regarding their loan over-indulgence to first-time buyers or upsizing mortgagees, but it was, and is, a blunt tool that disenfranchises existing mortgage borrowers who are staying-put, by absurdly preventing them from being granted a much cheaper mortgage than they are actually paying already – how can that count as being “unaffordable”, in anyone’s imagination?


Well, it makes perfect sense for the greedy banks and lenders of course who are raking it in at the expense of the most vulnerable home owners, aren’t they?

You see the way that mortgage lending is currently structured here, differs greatly from the past, because nowadays people no longer take out a mortgage intending it for the full repayment term, but take out a mortgage on a short-term introductory deal, say for 2 years, at a ‘fixed’ interest rate [or a BR tracker rate], and at the end of that period, they are automatically shunted-onto the lender’s very expensive SVR interest rate – at that point of course they would simply look for another ongoing deal with their existing lender or even a different one.

However, the new rules will now scupper them from getting another mortgage deal at all, if they fail to meet the FCA’s & EU’s new rules, so they are trapped into paying an excessive monthly amount for the rest of their term – driving them into poverty on the pretence that a cheaper mortgage would NOT be affordable – even Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter couldn’t have dreamed that one up could he, eh?

[THE CURRENT TOUGHER MORTGAGE RULES: lenders have to check how much borrowers earn (that alone can scupper those with their own business if earnings are not considered reliable enough on paper), and check every detail of their finances and spending to establish how much they have left after regular expenditure (backed-up with evidence); ‘interest-only’ mortgages have to be covered by a “credible” capital repayment vehicle (other than the sale of the house); lenders must stress-test ‘affordability’ – like by testing ability to pay if interest rates go up during first five years of the deal; lenders’ staff have to be qualified and able to assess customers]

This blind idiotic application of the rules is driving affected borrowers into the ground by preventing them from paying the ‘going rate’ – they can end up paying at least double what they should – as much as say £1,000 EXTRA per MONTH. That is a scandal of epidemic proportions, surely?

For example, you can have somebody on an interest only mortgage 2 year deal [perhaps because of a relationship breakdown], but when that ends they are denied a cheaper new deal as ‘unaffordable’, so is forever imprisoned on a high variable rate, and if their circumstances normalise, they are even totally prevented from returning to a ‘repayment mortgage’ although it is actually less costly each month than their current interest-only payment – so not a penny is paid-off the capital sum either.

People are incredulous to find that, despite having an exemplary repayment history (never missed a payment) they are denied a remortgage as the lender claims “it can’t be afforded”, when it is actually 20% less than they HAVE been paying for donkey’s years, eh?

This whole situation whereby people have been shoved unceremonially onto their lender’s highest rates is compounded by the current rise (August) in Bank Rate which means lenders have immediately bumped-up their SVR’s to match it, rather than absorbing it as they should have in light of their already making a killing, eh?

However, you may have heard that a consortium of the major lenders [UK Finance, the Building Societies Association (BSA) and the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA)], are embarking on a charm offensive [in response to an FCA’s challenge] and are making a voluntary commitment to help these longstanding borrowers, by offering them the ability to switch to an alternative product with better interest rate, and so they say address the problem of attempted remortgagors being locked-into SVR – indeed they expect to deliver it by this December, no less?

Well, if you really think that the wicked witch has metamorphosed into the fairy godmother, dream-on everybody? The scheme is so restrictive with its multiple exclusions that it will only apply to little more than say 7% of those afflicted, and certainly it won’t help those who are in great financial pain and are struggling the most under the unfair yoke of enforced SVT, will it?

[Borrowers are only eligible for the new scheme with such product as being offered by their ‘existing’ lender (a massive market restriction), and only if there is at least £10,000 of outstanding mortgage, and at least 2 years left on the loan, and if they not in arrears, and additionally they not allowed any change of term, nor adding or removal of a party to the mortgage, nor allowed additional borrowing – all common options that might be sought on remortgaging, eh?


[There is NO solution currently on the table to the UK’s ‘mortgage prisoners’ problem, although the lenders consortium initiative is indeed a welcome START, but there is an uncharted and uncertain path ahead for those other many thousands of home owners involved]

‘Canadian’ Mark Carney Governor of Bank of England – time for him to bog-off?

John Houblon (the first Governor 1694)

John Houblon (the first Governor 1694)

Well, well, well, Mark Carney is in the news ‘again’ and stealing the headlines once more [this time by raising interest rates and then rubbishing BREXIT]– no surprise there then, as he is a ‘pig-headed’ self-publicist, and totally the wrong type of character for the man who is Governor of Bank of England [and Chairman of the Monitory Policy Committee (MPC)].

[Carney is the first non-Briton to be appointed to the role since the BoE was established in 1694].

He has been in post for 5 blinking years now, whence he was a controversial political appointment by Scissorhands Chancellor George Osborne.

Carney is a square peg in a round hole. Traditionally, it has been a job for someone carefully groomed within the Bank, as it needs somebody who keeps their head down, knows their onions about Britain’s economy, has a finger on the pulse of monetary policy needs, and above all, keeps well out of politics. However, hothead blabbermouth Carney, accused of being intolerant of criticism and lacking in humility, has bucked the traces throughout in all of that, hasn’t he?

Yep, but that was predictable at the very start, because when he suddenly disembarked on our shores from Canada (ex-Canadian Central Bank Governor) he came with baggage – lacking a substantial Canadian reputation [left them in a mess with overvalued currency and low investment], but nevertheless a star on the international stage, due to his countless self-promoting loudmouth speeches.

His performance here in Britain has been lacklustre to say the least, with his forward guidance being unfailingly wrong, his judgment uncomfortably undependable (unreliable boyfriend syndrome) and his interventions extremely economically worrying, and that has included super-low interest rates [Bank Rate (BR)] and damaging quantitative easing (QE), resulting in the rich with assets (like property, stocks and bonds) getting richer, while savers suffered horribly, (costing them £160billion?), and the poor getting poorer by the day.

An unprecedented significant major political interference came with Carney using the BoE to support his benefactor Osborne, by adding weight to “Project Fear”, when denigrating BEXIT both before the Referendum and subsequently – you see he has consistently ignored the rightful constraints of his position, as he somehow believes that he has a divine right, as a know-all individual, to communicate directly with the public, in an incredibly dangerous intervention, about what HE sees as risks to people, when his ‘actual’ responsibility is solely direct to the government of the day, isn’t it?

Politicians here have NOT been impressed by the man – so why the hell was his contract bloody-well extended, after 5 years of strife, by a year to 2019 by arch-critic May, eh?

Will, the UK ever get back to having a real BoE governor, who gets on with the job strictly professionally, and effectively manipulating the economy behind the scenes, without the prime objective of promoting their own persona, eh? UNLIKELY, wouldn’t you say? Do you thing that Carny will have allowed the BoE to groom someone (even a woman?) to take-over his role next year, eh?

Now, it came as some surprise to many of us that Carney chose this month to start the essential (?) long-term ramp-up of interest rates [causing sterling to rise, exports to fall, and imports to raise]. That was because the overwhelming economic uncertainty over BREXIT has reached endemic proportions over the past few months, hasn’t it?

Now, it is true that there have been encouraging factors like employment vacancies up and wages starting to rise, and at last and expected GDP growth recovery a bit in Q2, after rubbish of just 0.1% in Q1.

However, in a climate of an ongoing Eurozone crisises [involving now Italy and Spain, its third- and fourth-largest economies] which though we are not in it, will impact us, a UK dire retail landscape, and with inflation at only 2.4% against a target of 2.0%, it was hardly a good reason to bump up the living costs [like rents and mortgages (wiping-out the only ‘recent’ wage increases)] for ordinary people, in tandem with poor families being dragged into financial difficulties, and as well also as damaging business performance, was it?

You have to remember as well though, that Carney panicked in 2016 at the Referendum result, which trounced his public utterances of telling everyone that BREXIT would be a really bad decision, hence he totally unnecessarily CUT Bank Rate to a derisory 0.25%, which not surprisingly spooked the markets.

Now this month, there were conflicting arguments to leave interest rates well alone for another few months, weren’t there? Yep, why rush-in now, when not only are BREXIT negotiations in the carsey, with little certainty of Britain ever forging a good new trade relationship with the 27 remaining EU countries, but the foundations of world trade relationships are under the sustained threat of a trade war. That has been initiated, it has to be said, by US President Donald Trump’s false claims of an unfair trade system – so he is now creating chaos by renegotiation of Nafta, imposing tariffs on the EU, Canada, China, plus others, and indeed causing global trade mayhem, which could drive the world back to the protectionism of old (world trade might shrink by 70 per cent, with consequential mass unemployment and political instability) which would then over the next decade represent the biggest threat ever to our economy.

The disturbing thing about the Carney/MPC taking the decision to raise BR [a “bold move” or “half-witted choice”? BR is about opinion, not FACT you see] is that it became ‘inevitable’ rather than possibly the ‘right time’, because Carney has spent too many months of unprofessionally and unwarrantedly, for a BoE Governor, ‘predicting’ an imminent rise in interest rates [which included the ‘dead certain’ rate rise that never happened in May] whence the Bank has so clearly foretold of this rate rise, that its creditability had fallen into disrepute, meaning markets would have been shocked had rates been left on hold again this month – indeed there was utter relief in the City that the Bank didn’t back away from it, having given so many hints that rates would rise this August.

This dabbling financial wizard/idiot (?) Carney is even now continuing his anti-BREXIT campaign in the media to the anger of both Leavers as well as pro-Remainers.

Carney’s Machiavellian drama continues into its (hopefully) final Act with his continuing reckless pontificating, and making a public warning that the UK now MUST avoid a BREXIT “No-Deal” at all costs, to avoid consequential damage to the economy, disruption to trade, higher prices to consumers, and less economic activity – oh yes, that latest outburst rattled the very markets that he had calmed with interest rate platitudes, and caused the pound to fall against the dollar [that will help exports, though that was NOT his intention].

[Carney has warned multiple times over three years his unwanted opinion that he expects BREXIT to negatively influence the UK economy, but why doesn’t he instead do his job and do something about inappropriate mortgage lending that is actually within his Bank remit? He prefers to play politics rather than properly manage our economy well – he should be sacked, surely?]

He garnished that crap with putting it in the minds of all and sundry about the safety of their money in the Bank – by assuring them that it was (why raise it if not to try and cause doubt and mischief, eh?)

He still doesn’t have the ‘nous’ to keep his political trap shut, and tell any worries he has to his boss, Remainer-in-chief, Chancellor Philip Hammond – but then again, he is probably doing it on behalf of Hammond himself, who is still desperate for Britain to stay in his beloved EU, eh?


[Doubtless Bank rate needs to rise to about 1.5% over the next half decade, but we ‘never-ever’ again want to see the likes of the crippling 14.9% of 1990, or indeed 7.5% of 1998, or even that of nearly 6% at the time of the financial crisis in late 2007, do we?]

When was it first decided that “BREXIT means Remain” – or then that the “ECJ will NOT control our Laws” to “ECJ will INDEED control our Laws”, or finally that a “BAD DEAL is better than a NO-DEAL”?


When weak vicar’s daughter Theresa May took over as Prime Minister from lying arsehole David Cameron in July 2016, the nation, in a binary choice, and in defiance of the Government and ALL the major parties, had decisively picked BREXIT.

That was NOT an instruction from the voters [in the biggest turnout ever] to go off and undertake a ‘failed negotiation’ with the EU, but it WAS an instruction for their Government to put in place the necessary plans for the UK’s operation as an independent Country, untied from the EU’s apron strings and diktats – they had a full 2 YEARS to make ALL those arrangements, which would have included putting in place a resourced plan to operate ALL our future trade [previously rigorously controlled by the EU) under World Trade Organisation rules instead.

[The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international body whose purpose is to promote free trade by persuading countries to abolish import tariffs and other barriers. As such, it has become closely associated with globalisation. The WTO is the only international agency overseeing the rules of international trade]


[In addition, there should have been a realistic opportunity of securing rollover of the existing EU’S trade deals with 24 countries and territories under WTO rules alone [Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, China, Cuba, Gabon, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Unites States], plus the negotiated 68 free trade agreements in place via the EU – and surely no court would have allowed the EU to prevented the UK from doing just that in the notice of departure period, as it is a circumstance on which the EU treaty is silent?]

But NO, that wasn’t Remainer May’s priority AT ALL, was it? Certainly NOT, her priority was to appease the inconsolable Remainers, stack her cabinet with them, give top posts to the diehards, and put ALL her Government’s effort into negotiating with the EU to leave BUT still carry on trade exactly as before – naive or not, eh?

So, after 9 months of doing absolutely nothing about getting onboard the WTO waiting train, she got herself glammed-up and set-off with her team to the Brussels’ Casino to play roulette on a rigged wheel for the UK’s future.

She laid her bets, ‘in turn’ on colour Red, on colour Black, on Evens, on Odds, on lows 1-18, on highs 19-36, on column 1, on column 2, on column 3, on dozens 1st 12, on dozens 2nd 12, on dozens 3rd 12, and always it proved unlucky [surprise, surprise – a rigged wheel], so she lost EVERY time, whence scowling-boy croupier Michel Barnier simply pulled-in her chips and waited for her to lose AGAIN and so go bust.

With her very last chip, goaded-on by her personal valet Olly Robbins, and with utter desperation for the greatest odds, she laid it as a straight on one number, Red 10 [her favourite number for the last 2 years], not realising that black 11 is just next door and is home to the EU mafia’s banker Philip Hammond, who’s determined to have Article 50 withdrawal taken-back, so that the UK’s money will continue to flow into EU coffers.

So, after 9 months of doing absolutely nothing about getting onboard the WTO waiting train, she got herself glammed-up and set-off with her team to the Brussels’ Casino to play roulette on a rigged wheel for the UK’s future.

She laid her bets, ‘in turn’ on colour Red, on colour Black, on Evens, on Odds, on lows 1-18, on highs 19-36, on column 1, on column 2, on column 3, on dozens 1st 12, on dozens 2nd 12, on dozens 3rd 12, and always it proved unlucky [surprise, surprise – a rigged wheel], so she lost EVERY time, whence scowling-boy croupier Michel Barnier simply pulled-in her chips and waiting for her to lose AGAIN and go bust.

With her very last chip, goaded-on by her personal valet Olly Robbins, and with utter desperation for the greatest odds, she laid it as a straight on one number, Red 10 [her favourite number for the last 2 years], not realising that black 11 is just next door and is home to the EU mafia’s banker Philip Hammond, who’s determined to have Article 50 withdrawal so that the UK’s money will continue to flow into EU coffers.

Throughout the past 16 months of her frenzied betting, May has ensured that the British people have been induced into a state of trance, while her lying machine has generated a blinding smoke screen covering the entire British Isles. Like a gambler on a losing streak talking to their bank manager, she has made out all-along that her bets have been successful.

The fake news she has generated includes:

we would

  • not need to worry about BREXIT negotiations as they would be amicable and successfully provide a comprehensive trade deal, when we now know they have been disastrously undertaken and failed miserably – mainly because of her it has to be said.
  • get down to trade talks straight away, but didn’t because, against advice, she agree to the EU setting the agenda, which put the UK paying-in extra money first
  • not ask for extra time in the EU (a transition period), but then she decided we needed it after all to placate the Remainers
  • not be subject to EU rules or budgets during transition period, yet the result now is that the UK now WILL be stuck with, not only all existing EU rules and regulations, but will be bound during transition by any bloody new ones dreamed-up after we’ve left the sodding EU
  • leave the EU on 30 March 2019 with the trade deal agreed for implementation during transition, when in reality it turns out that negotiations will continue on our relationship with the EU even though we HAVE left it
  • escape the EU and recover our massive membership fees so can save the NHS, but then May without a by-your-leave, told the EU we would continue to pay [£40billion?]
  • leave the EU ‘s common fisheries policy (CFP) next March, so we can land our own blinking fish, most of which [80%] is currently secreted away from under our very noses by the French and Spanish et al, but now cancelled until the end of transition and continued access will be demanded after that as a trade deal condition [WHAT chance of defeatist May preventing that, do you think?]
  • have trade deals ready to go by the end of next March, but that’s been scuppered now and delayed until the transition period itself with implementation delayed until after December 2020
  • end free movement on 29 March 2019, but that’s ditched in favour of it continuing with registration during transition (and will continue virtually ad infinitum if Hammond has his way)
  • stop the European Court of Justice (ECJ) having any jurisdiction in Britain after Brexit day next March, but that has gone by the board as well in the transition period and it is likely that the ECJ will continue to have some role ‘forever’
  • be completely out of the claws of the EU, yet early this month May revealed a brand new plan of a ‘facilitated customs arrangement’ which to all intents and purposes ties the UK to the EU ad infinitum [but a proposal the EU are already tearing to shreds]
  • leave the European convention on human rights (ECHR) and the jurisdiction of its court, which has caused big problems in the past for Britain, like preventing the extradition or deportation of dangerous foreign nationals [eg extremist Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada], but that is now well off the tables as Remainers successfully battled May on it (there a surprise, eh?)


Does anyone in Britain, including anyone in the blessed Government, actually know where we are on BREXIT? Most of us doubt it, and that goes for Remainers as well as BREXITEERS, doesn’t it?


[Unless the population IS finally given the deserved and ‘promised’ BREXIT, there is trouble ahead, AND not least for the Tory party, which will probably become ‘unelectable’. The best we can hope for now is for a NO-DEAL exit from the EU, even though the irresponsible preparation for that, is now going to hurt our economy in a manner that was totally avoidable ]




Teenage schoolchildren working in the holidays – a massive benefit or a disgrace?

Somehow or other, a silly debate is raging here as to whether or not it is a good thing for teenagers to actually work in holiday time. It was kicked-off a couple of days or so ago when Esther McVey (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) wrote an article encouraging youngsters to go out and get summer jobs. She explained that it helps developing the skills needed for successful careers. Sound advice, surely?

Well, it did not go down well to say the least, but you would think that she was encouraging the next generation of workers to commit hari-kari, from the resulting online hornets’ nest she has innocently kicked-over. Not only has it provoked a vitriolic outpouring of personal abuse on social media about McVey as a person (for example saying “opening her useless trap again”), from some who appear to be educationally challenged, but other supposedly competent adults involved in education are on the airways pontificating about how teenagers NEED their summer holidays when they can do absolutely NOTHING.

These people have got a screw loose, the first group don’t seem to know how things are in the job market and think that work experience is a waste of time and doesn’t count in getting work [yet that is the very thing that good secondary schools promote, and when a week’s work experience used to be compulsory, and was considered part of children’s’ education until 6 years ago (scrapped by Government for unfathomable  reasons) – indeed 8 out of 10 teenagers under 16 want THAT now reinstated, as do business leaders]. Then with comments like “There’s not a glut of paid jobs!” demonstrating a dearth of understanding, or being reading & comprehension challenged, as just a couple of weeks before, it was widely publicised that the number of people with jobs in the UK just hit an all-time high, while the number of job vacancies is also at new record numbers, eh? Then of course there were the lazy teenage fun seekers with their comments of “typical Tory, wanting kids to work in their holidays and thus reduce the enjoyment of being off school – childhood should be for having fun”, or ‘why would kids sacrifice their summers just to get a job?’ [not much commitment to future employability there then, eh?

[Employers reported 824,000 job vacancies for the period between April and June, the highest number since comparable records began in 2001].

As for those adults from the educating group, who should know better, but still are promoting the idea that the energy ‘drained by studying’ teenagers need to have 6 weeks complete rest couch-laying, with their families providing on call side-table service, with the only physical activity being dialling on their smart-phones, in order for them to recharge their batteries enough to resume, their battle of death with the Education system in September, beggars belief, doesn’t it? The ONLY possible explanation for this attitude, would be that they expect these youngsters to simply joint the increasing band of workshy shits, who leave their studies to head-off for the Welfare State for their lifelong support, while doubtlessly along the way creating children with numerous partners to sadly give themselves a role in twenty-first century life – why would THEY need more bloody work experience when they don’t ever intend to get a job let alone a career, eh?

[At least 300,000 young people live independently on benefits – that’s 1 in 25 of all 16 to 24 year olds – so, young people with limited experience of money budgeting, plus an un unstable foundation of housing and income, who they are not taking advantage of training and employment opportunities, hence they are heading into a lifetime of pressure, misery, and inability to ‘get by’. On top of that, in the same age group, staggeringly, there is a small army of almost 480,000 young people [60 per cent of the official total of young jobless, indeed?] outside of the state help system [so basically are ‘hidden’ and below the radar], destitution status unknown, whose lives are disturbingly likely to be one of ongoing unemployment and poverty]

Both these groups are belittling the beneficial aspects of working for your keep in conjunction with study, and belie and belittle the very fact that many many teenagers in England DO still in fact get weekend and summer jobs, so not only successfully dovetail this into their studies without detriment to them, but find it personally enjoyable to boot – so, as well as boosting the work ethic, they are enabled to financially help support their families, even if only by providing their own spending money, which is indeed self-helpful in learning the true meaning of independence.

Too many teenagers these days leave school, but then are allowed by parents to slope-off for a year’s holiday – only they call it a gap year to muddle the unknowing. What kind of message will that send to prospective employers about their work ethic and commitment, when they finally decide that the world doesn’t owe them a living, do you think?

Those of us of the old school, who indeed have successfully survived further education and gone onto challenging careers, know just how much of an important part school holiday work has played in that. We know full well the rigor [interspersed with joy in achievements] involved in the education process (which we would not have missed for the world, of course), but appreciate that the lives we had outside of that and in addition to it, was a immense bolt-on contribution to our qualifications and abilities. Working in low level & low paid jobs is in fact quite a wonderful experience, and though it may be quite hard at times and physically draining, it is not difficult in the least, because you know it is only temporary and for a few weeks at a time.

Holiday working on a farm in your early teens and being helped along by pensionable-age farmhands when you struggle is a valuable life leveller. Running up hundreds of pathways and stairs delivering Christmas mail and being verbally thanked by householders, often with a treat, teaches you much about communities. Working in a shop and learning about enjoying giving good service is a lifelong free gift. Slogging it out on 12-hour shifts of manual labouring on nights in a big works, makes you fully appreciate forever the cushy life your final career provides you with.

In all such jobs you are working cheek by jowl with hard-grafting, committed working class men and women, of all ages, who fully earn every bleeding penny that they take home to their often poor families, but these are workers who are the salt of the earth, and who would give you, even just a temporary workmate, their last crust if you were in the shit – what kind of wonderful experience and message does that give you to carry with you through life, do you think?

You’ll find that it is the children and grandchildren of the ones who have themselves done holiday jobs, who will still be going down that path to achieve their own life goals. They are the waitresses, fruit pickers, gardeners, shop assistants, office temps, hotel kitchen staff, glass collectors and washers up, entrance fee collectors, and much more, working in holiday and weekend jobs that will see them do well in the real world when their education is complete.

That will because they will accept that they aren’t all that important in that world, understand that at work they have to be reliable and keen even on the most menial tasks, that they have to wear the right gear not the latest casual fashion, that they follow the person in charge’s instructions without whingeing, that they set high standards for themselves and do a good job, that they understand that they have a lot to learn, that they are flexible and resourceful, that they ensure they get-on with workmates, while of course always behaving well and being confident in and out of work.

In today’s times, education has become the overbearing and only focus for young people lives, and this has been at the expense of gaining invaluable experience of people, situations, problems, working at the bottom, and acquiring the skills required later in the workplace.

We see even the crass situation when many of our young men & women leave higher education or training, woefully ill-equipped for employment, showing the wrong attitude to work, having inadequate skills, and an unrealistic belief that a bit of paper will secure them a life of luxury and pleasure – they don’t even realise that the qualifications the hold now will be of no blinking relevance in say twenty years time, as jobs are evolving and changing so rapidly and unexpectedly in modern times, aren’t they? [The days are long gone when somebody started a job in a company and the same job was actually still there when they retired, eh?].

Increasing numbers of graduates [perhaps 20%?] are shirking taking the important step into employment, and are instead hanging-in there at Uni to enjoy the relaxed life of postgraduate education – you can bet your bottom dollar that they didn’t see the merits of doing summer jobs either, eh?



[The percentage of young people working while studying has more than halved this century – falling from 42 per cent to 18 per cent in seventeen years. Rather than the further discouragement from the gallery, our teenagers need to heed the advice of Esther McVey and act NOW –it’s NOT too late to grab a summer job, eh?]

The so-called ‘Health Lobby’ is under attack – but NOT by the gutter Press?


It was of some surprise last Sunday, to read in a respected broadsheet newspaper, a major article attacking the Governments (some would say weak?) attempts to curtail the food industry’s continued flooding of Britain with unnecessarily over-sugared food and drink.

It is hardly the responsible action of a major quality newspaper, to publish a destructive subversive opinion, at a critical stage, when the Food industry in England is indeed failing to meet sugar reduction targets, is it?

The piece was an aggressive unveiled attack on what was called the ‘public health lobby’ and which was accused no less, of being ‘a tyranny that kills consumer choice’, while criticising the entire food industry for abandoning the usual laws of supply & demand by deciding to reject consumer preferences to comply with government diktat.

So basically, it has urged suppliers to operate as a free market alternative to the ‘nanny state’, and continue product innovation driven solely by customer demand, hence enduring with reliance on people making ‘wise or unwise’ choices. It describes brands who have ignored the call for change as “heroic”, while demeaning those who have reduced sugar in their products, as pathetic and cringing. It called it ‘shameful’ what’s happening in the confectionary and soft drinks market – reducing sugar in products.

It ends by opinionating about those supporting a sugar-reduction target, that “their well-meaning concern for other people’s health has become pure intolerance”.

This bit of rubbish was an idiotic tirade by an apparent idiot, appealing to the similarly afflicted, who clearly can’t make sensible choices himself (as shown by him taking up smoking in an age when its deadly health risks have been in the public domain for half a century, despite the tobacco industry’s despicable lying cover-up – how many has he himself damaged by passive smoking, one wonders?).

He clearly is a know-all, who writes a lot about all and sundry, but either knows little or understands nothing. Just like the tobacco scum who have destroyed countless families in this Country over many decades, the food industry has irresponsibly been doing exactly the same thing, for exactly the same reason, a shed load of dirty money.

The dire consequences can go hang as profits are the only thing that counts, and it is only by attacking those, that they will be discouraged from formulating products that feed peoples inherent addiction to high calorie food.

This Mr Radical, clearly is too hard-nosed and uncaring, to have noticed the epidemic of obesity wreaking the lives of even our youngest children as well the adults making their ‘choices’ for them.

Just like the tobacco lobbyists of old, this columnist will need a strong stomach to withstand his own conscience.

Many many thousands of column inches have been written about the obesity crisis that is dragging Britain into the abyss, so nothing more needs to be said about it here.

The current state of play is that the Out-Of-Home (OOH) sector providing food and drink to us consumers in the general public, is playing fast and loose with the soft-glove attempts by the authorities to see reduction of sugar in products [a wall of silence was met when the programme was launched]. The Public Health England (PHE) first report in May is light on some statistics due to lack of cooperation, but nevertheless is a damning indictment of the industry as a whole – little attempt has been made [only yoghurts, cereals and sweet spreads hit the 5% sugar reduction target]. There is one outcome that says it all though – ‘of the top 20 brands responsible for the greatest amount of sugar, 50% made NO CHANGE, 33% cut some sugar, and 12% ADDED MORE SUGAR’.

You see their attitude is “Stuff You mate”


[The argument is now well won, that says that the time has definitely come for the Government to up the ante, and resort to tough-guy measures against the recalcitrant food mob and in particular the junk and fast-food pushers – Mr Nice-Guy just doesn’t work, does it?]

Now a new leader for our BREXIT negotiations in Brussels – a ‘Remainer’ who has remained a ‘Remainer’?


Beneath the radar, PM Theresa May has actually ditched her new Secretary for ‘Exiting the EU’ Dominic Raab in his first week, to head-up herself the surrender negotiations with the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier – SHE is taking personal control of EU withdrawal negotiations.

May has retrieved from the bin, the disguise that she used for last year’s disastrous snap General Election campaign, which led to the loss of Cameron’s previously hard-won majority – a gamble that has thrown her government into a lame-duck position?

You see, the general public saw through her masquerade as a powerful presidential-style party leader, personally completely in charge and able to provide “strong and stable leadership” (the repetitive uttered phrase, which grated harshly on voters’ nerves). Her dire record as Home Secretary became a millstone around her neck, as it proved otherwise, didn’t it? Instead of promoting Conservative policies, she fell into the trap of thinking that promoting herself was much better – and she tried that on without an ounce of charisma to boot, eh? The final straw was her adamant refusal to take part in election debates – hardly the right strategy for someone seeking the spot on central stage, was it [the voters saw it (rightly?) as cowardly]?

It became clear then that she was badly advised by, and was overly reliant on, a small team of aides. Well, times haven’t changed, have they? No, once again she is being pushed by them onto centre stage, but this time into the EU’s lion’s den – she naively thinks that Barnier will quietly roll-over, just like her ‘personally-selected’ Cabinet does (she doesn’t realize that it is their careers being at stake, that does it)

“Who the hell runs this blooming Country? “, may well be an often-asked question, don’t you think?

Well, we now well know, the answer in May’s floundering administration – it’s the bloody CIVIL SERVICE.

Now, anyone who has every watched the hilariously funny TV series’ “Yes Minister” & “Yes Prime Minister”, will appreciate the well know fact that the civil service think that they are better trained, and much more competent than government, so THEY should actually run the Country instead of elected Ministers, consequently and constantly they have to be slapped-down – but NOT under May apparently?

Well, the LATEST revelations slowly oozing out of Westminster, includes the exposure by the Exiting the EU Committee, that Olly Robbins (ever heard of him, eh?), is the ‘real’ person running the UK’s Brussels exit negotiations [which instead transpires to be May’s ‘Non-BREXIT campaign’, eh?].

It turns out that this bloke Robbins is the guy, who worked as a saboteur behind lines, to prepare the BREXIT-destructive White Paper presented to the Cabinet at Chequers [plans he drew up using his separate civil service ‘Europe Unit’, without the knowledge of the responsible Minister of State David Davis, whose own department for exiting the EU (DexEU) was simultaneously working on the ‘genuine’ White Paper at the time].

Now, Robbins may well be an upwardly mobile, clever-clogs, career civil servant of long standing, but he is anything but ‘elected’ – then of course he is just like the EU lot, whose clutches the British public have voted to escape from, eh? Yet May has had the audacity to now even remove powers for negotiating BREXIT from the Minister led DexEU and moved them to civil servant Robbins’ Europe Unit – also Robbins reports directly to her.


So, to avoid any challenge to her judgement (or her position?), it’s announced while Parliament goes off on extended summer holiday, that May’s role is now actually the UK’S chief negotiator with the European Union, and the Prime Minister’s job of running the bleeding Country can go hang [tried that, couldn’t hack it?].

May said with her normal immodesty “I will lead the negotiations with the European Union, with the secretary of state for Exiting the European Union deputising on my behalf” – words that will bite her back, and come back to haunt her, perhaps?

The scaremongering talks by Remainers and business interest of a ‘NO-Deal’ meaning crashing-out of the EU, or going over a cliff-edge, is just that – ‘fear-generation’. BREITEERS did want a Good-Free-Trade Deal, as being best for both sides, but it looks as if we won’t get it, if May has her way.

Leaving the EU without a free trade deal is NOT a disaster by any measure, it simply means that UK and EU trade WILL continue, but under WTO rules instead (to the EU’s disadvantage it must be said)– yes with potential disruption at borders for BOTH sides

What the nation wants now is for May to get her comeuppance in Brussels and indeed come back with a blank sheet of paper



[At PMQs last week, Tory MP for Morley & Outwood ‘Andrea Jenkins’, asked ‘Theresa May’ outright “Could the Prime Minister inform the House, at what point was it was decided, that ‘BREXIT means Remain’?” – a question we are all asking ourselves]

Britain’s wonderful NHS has just had its 70th birthday – will it still be with us to see its 80th?

NHSSINKS images (2)?

There was much flag waving and badges wearing four weeks ago when the National Health Service turned 70, as understandably it was a big opportunity to celebrate, wasn’t it?

Some of us though instead had a tear in our eye.

That was because we have been around a long while, we have been there since inception, we have from those early days been looked after rigorously by its caring & knowledgeable GPs, we have seen firsthand the wonderful things it has achieved, we have been forever grateful for it safely bringing-in new life and ongoingly sustaining it, we have prayed while it has snatched a loved young one from the jaws of death with ground-breaking surgery and wonderful medical care, we have been amazed at its achievement in restoring a lost existence, we worried incessantly while it has successfully delivered cancer treatment amongst us, we have benefited from world class operations & procedures, we have been uplifted by the dedication of the ITU teams that pull-back patients from the brink, we have witnessed the delivery of the very best of medical care to our sick or dying family and friends, we have been saved by its outstanding diagnostic equipment and skills of their operatives, we have been there for the magical treatment for our dislocations, our broken bones, and joint replacements, we have had a great and emotional close relationship with dedicated doctors and nurses, from the most senior to the most junior, we have been astounded by it being at our beck and call day and night, year after year after year, and we have suffered from concern when sometimes it has let itself down a few times over these past seventy years. We hurt inside now with worry about it.

Also, some of us are lucky enough to also have had close contact with some of those in the medical profession, so have seen at first hand just what a difficult profession it is to meet the standards of, to get into, to gain the immense knowledge acquired, and the effort needed to perform well in it, and the dedication displayed – enough to know that we could never have countenanced it for ourselves.

The NHS is now on its knees, it may well be terminally sick with a number of complications that make recovery problematical – how can that be do you think?

Many remain convinced that the Conservatives are ideologically opposed to the Health Service because it was a Labour initiative – if they are not, then surely this is exactly the time to bloody prove it in spades, isn’t it?

Well, there are many many problems of the NHS lurking under the skin, but the main diagnosis is one of devastating starvation – MONEY. Don’t believe a word of what the Government liars tell our population about increasing funding going in year on year, because that is like feeding a growing child solely on a little extra milk, which we all know would simply lead to severe malnutrition – as has the NHS displays from its limited financial support. Oh yes, now the patient is in a critical condition, some solid food is being promised, but EXTRA CASH, too late, will not in fact revive the patient, only extend its agony.

[The NHS has to be annually properly funded in future with a percentage of GDP that matches the money that other developed countries are spending on healthcare.

For the NHS, it would seem that the dream is at an end and without a god-sent miracle, ‘end-of-life’ care is going to be the inevitable way forward.

One of the biggest factors that is dragging the NHS down is also its greatest asset – it is a free service, available to the whole community. The BIG problem with that is that it is increasing abused, and successive governments have allowed that to happen and have done absolutely nothing about it, let alone reverse it. WHY NOT?

  • Perhaps, some of them are NOT as proud or supportive of the NHS as they need to be?
  • Perhaps, some of them are NOT as committed to having the NHS in its current form as they pretend?
  • Perhaps, some of them ARE in favour of increasing privatisation of the NHS?
  • Perhaps, some of them ARE determined to replace the NHS with a Private Health Care system [and cut taxes]?

[Note: US healthcare is private and the ‘costliest’ anywhere, but its outcomes overall are relatively poor].

The problem with anything given away as free (particularly in unlimited quantity) is that the recipients don’t then value it, because they didn’t have to put in any effort to get it (like they don’t even bother to turn-up for GP or hospital appointments, do they? Cost yearly to the NHS £1 billion+?). It is only when they have to sweat blood for something that they REALLY appreciate it, don’t they?

In the early days people WERE indeed most grateful for the NHS, and they wouldn’t dream of troubling their sole Doctor unless they were really ILL, so in those times, people just wandered down to the surgery and were seen (and treated!) practically within 5 or 10 minutes; but nowadays that is all changed, because many people are never out of the blinking practice surgery, and are there with everything from a sore finger to a cold or a headache, demanding antibiotics by the crate-load, so the rest of us can’t get an appointment for a couple of weeks at best; or they drop into the local hospital’s A&E with a stubbed big toe demanding an x-ray or just a cold even (if it’s out of hours and their doctor’s is closed). Everybody unnecessarily indulges themselves with medical care simply because it is free – self rationing doesn’t exist in a way it would if people had to pay an attendance fee or something else.

The whole situation is compounded the more so, by the fact that nobody has to have or show even a membership card to get treatment, however expensive [what other members club can you just walk into without your card, eh?] – that simply means that amongst other things, all and sundry including those who haven’t paid a penny in taxes, or perhaps are undetected illegal immigrants, get free treatment and drugs, while the foreign ill or the pregnant can land at Heathrow and get the tube into London and their medical problems are over, even if it’s a birth or an abortion.

The excessive demand on ALL services of the NHS is killing it, so that has to be addressed with immediate vigor – the extra money going in soon, will simply not solve it, because usage is like a cancer destroying all else, including A&E and Operation Waiting List times, plus the physical and mental heath of doctors and nurses who are being completely overrun.

The Government should start by requiring all valid patients to carry a newly issued NHS card establishing their treatment rights – that could ultimately be varied according to status?), which has to be presented & recorded at every appointment, whether at the GP surgery or Hospital – users, if they know it is being monitored, might just apply some self-restraint, so that we will see some major drop-off in abuse.

People visiting the UK should be warned to get travel insurance to cover medical expenses – just as WE have to when going abroad.

If that soft approach doesn’t work then stronger steps MUST be taken – and a charge might be the answer (particularly for missed appointment)?


Other issues need to be tackled as well – the things that are helping to destroy the NHS so cannot continue: one in particular, it doesn’t work when we have our community funded NHS providing free the necessary wide-ranging difficult expensive stuff medically, being dragged down by an expansive private sector, which is simply creaming off the easy money making stuff for profit, can you? NO, so

  • Reverse all privatisation within the NHS, which is simply lining it up for widespread takeover by City health sharks
  • Regulate the UK’s Private Healthcare services [provided through insurance] to stop it being a parasitic money spinning machine being incapable of providing comprehensive health care and require it to provide fully capable hospitals [as in America and other countries]
  • Stop Private Healthcare patients using  their insurance cover to jump the NHS waiting lists and stop them dipping in and out of the NHS system, as it suits their personal medical situation – patients should be either NHS or Private, not both.

[In the UK, Private medicine just provides hotel style facilities & food with privileged medical care, while investing nothing in real health services; it filches essential medical staff resources from the NHS; it leaches off the research results obtained by the NHS’ financial investments; its hospital admitted patients needing specialist intervention are immediately dumped back onto the NHS; they only do the easier operations.

It doesn’t train Consultants, Surgeons, Doctors or Nurses; it doesn’t provide ITUs & HDUs; it doesn’t do transplants or brain surgery or the like; it doesn’t fund its own medical research; it doesn’t even always provide all its own facilities – if frequently squats in NHS premises].


[The NHS has been neglected by the uncaring, abused by its users, taken advantage of by the wealthier, been inadequately funded, and driven the loyal NHS staff into the ground – is there still time to save it all?]



Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Russian novel ‘Crime and Punishment’ now re-written in English – ‘UNABATED-Crime and NO Punishment’?

Police-Victorian-1256         criminal

The rule of law in the UK is going down the toilet these days, isn’t it?

Yep, crime is rocketing-up, in conjunction with offenders being charged dropping like a stone, and the biggest surprise about all that, is that it is happening before our very eyes, under no-less than a ‘Conservative’ Government – the supposed bastion of Law and Oder? This is just another fine mess that lies at the door unfortunately of our beleaguered current Prime Minister Theresa May, wouldn’t you say?

Oh yes, she will doubtless blame others (and there are others), but while we citizens can only recount, or only remember, that it was indeed she that spent 6 years at the Home Office and now 2 years in Number 10, while this was all coming to pass, eh?

Crime, as we all know, is an unlawful offence committed by an individual (or individuals), or group, or company, or organisation.

Punishment, on the other hand, is society’s response to a crime that has been committed and is ‘intended’ to melt-out an appropriately unpleasant outcome for the criminal, and the purposes of that are five-fold – incapacitation, retribution, deterrence, plus restitution and rehabilitation.

Those two elements are at the base of the British criminal justice system, and to make it all work in practice, requires a great deal of effort and resources [not least, commitment and money].

As far as crime goes, it first must be detected (and recorded), second it has to be investigated (properly), and third the perpetrator(s) must be identified through evidence (legally obtained).

That done, it comes down to punishment, and that starts with laying charges (based on the evidence), followed by preventing further crime being committed by restraining the charged (by some mechanism), then putting the accused in front of a Court of Law (appropriate to the alleged offence), next sentencing of the guilty (in accordance with the prevailing statutes), and finally the carrying out of the judge’s sentence (to achieve justice).

Well, the whole system is falling apart at the seams, as current figures show? But that is not the whole story, is it? No, because below the surface of those appalling figures, lay some disturbing matters that have greatly contributed to this resulting out-of-control situation.

Most of the underlying trouble here, it has to be said, emanates from the do-gooder’ brigade – and over many decades to boot. There can be no doubt the historically justice system in Britain was just as brutal as elsewhere else in the world – but it was no worse though.

Certainly, as our society became more stable, more community orientated, and certainly more civilized, there was a great need to reform all elements of the justice system.

However, here we are in 2018 and instead of doing just that, we ‘have thrown the baby out with the bathwater’, as the saying goes.

The do-gooders have succeeded in watering down everything to do with the justice system, and that would be include the whole thing starting from crime detection, through to punishment which has now become a dirty word.

Furthermore, criminals are now for some incomprehensible reason regularly deemed to be more ‘victim’ than ‘evil’ so accordingly are treated with kid gloves after they commit offences, and if not that, then they mustn’t be upset as that would breach their human rights.

Across all parts of the UK, there are large pockets of individuals, who don’t work, never have worked, will never work, who will forever live off welfare, and will unless stopped in their tracks, continue to supplement that free income by committing crime. They have no respect for anything, nor anybody else, nor their society and without question certainly no respect whatsoever for the Police, the Courts, the Prisons, and the Law itself.

We need to shake criminal classes out of inherent belief they will get away with it, don’t we?

A major contributing factor to all of it, is that the levers of justice have been badly tampered with, and unless they are restored to working order, we are heading full-tilt towards chaos and a lawless society, which will make the Wild West look like a picnic.

The unsavoury facts of it are glaring us all in the face, aren’t they?

Well, in England and Wales, though many may not be directly experiencing it themselves, the country has seen the first sustained increase in crime for 15 years, and its largest annual rise in a decade. Nearly five million crimes were recorded by the police in the last year – 458,021 more than the previous year:

  • crime levels of the most serious violence are rising – up by 18%,
  • use of weapons in crime is mounting
  • murder (up 12%) and manslaughter have been rising year-on-year since 2014 [a total of 723 homicides in the past year]
  • there is now a spike in the old-style crimes of burglary and car theft [despite it being in long-term decline for around 20 years]
  • knife crime numbers soaring to 40,000 last year
  • robbery (up 30%)
  • sex offences have increased by 14%.
  • the total number of crimes reported to and recorded by the police rose by 10% between April 2016 and March 2017 to almost 5,000,000
  • only 9% of crimes result in someone getting charged and only I in ten of them see court, and conviction rate?

The liberal fighters against effective punishment of the criminal have brought about a situation whereby the police’s hands are tied, as are the courts and indeed the jails or the probation service.

Whereas incapacitation [stopping the criminal from further offending], would be seen by the general public as an essential priority, they are instead out on our streets ready for business, when let-off, cautioned, bailed, escape justice, not jailed at all, or only serve half their due prison sentence if they are.

As for retribution [intended to make the criminal suffer in return], criminals are increasingly given just community service, although they no longer fear jail anyway, because it’s become just ‘a walk in the park’ and not a humbling experience to be avoided.

Although deterrence [prevent criminality through fear of punishment (the severity, the certainty, and the swiftness of it)], is crucial to halt crimes including major ones, it no longer is a fear factor in the UK.

There is never any hope of restitution (a criminal providing compensating for crimes) not least because the courts hardly even consider it.

Then, when it comes to rehabilitation (re-education of a criminal to give-up criminality) it is a busted flush, and indeed a false dawn in the UK – the convicted see no reason whatsoever to give-up a life of crime, do they?

The UK has done away with threat of the death penalty, so not only is murder not deterred by it, but at trial ALL the murderers plead ‘not guilty’ (nothing to lose, you see?), and moreover they are allowed out of prison after a part-served sentence, while still withholding information about the disposal of, or whereabouts of a hidden body. In America where it is retained (but rarely carried-out) that results in their murderers pleading ‘guilty’ at court to avoid it, as well as cooperating in finding hidden bodies – what would our suffering British families with someone murdered would give, for that outcome, do you think?

Then, there is of course the punishment spoilers’ successful curtailment of “stop-and-search”, which has as a direct consequence resulted in gangs and individuals incessantly carrying blades – as the statistics show, multiple preventable stabbing murders have been caused.

The annoying thing is, you see, that there was sheer ignorance behind the campaign against ‘stop-and-search”, because the policy wasn’t just about ‘finding weapons‘, it was equally about ‘deterring’ the carrying of them, and it was effective on both counts – not finding a weapon was just as important finding one.

The justice system has been starved of cash, resources and support, so its hardly any wonder that it is not fit for purpose, is it? Or that the police have lost control of the streets, crime gangs bound, crimes aren’t investigated, valuables theft is ignored, supposedly low-level crime (like shoplifting) isn’t prosecuted, criminals operate and escape across county boundaries, and crimes are committed often by those just out to prove to their associates that they can do it?


[Still feel safe in your home, your street, your village, your city, your county, your country, knowing that the numbers of police protecting us all, is down to its lowest level for over 30 years (just 123,142 officers across all ranks in England and Wales)?]